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Is White Paint A Tool To Help Fight Climate Change?

09/15/21 specs+spaces staff

White paint has the ability to reflect the sun’s heat rather than absorb it as darker colors do, therefore keeping all things that are painted white, naturally cooler

September Color of the Month: Early Harvest (DE5542)

09/08/21 specs+spaces staff

This month we celebrate Early Harvest (DE5542) as our September color of the month.The slow fade into shortening days is a constant we can bank on and Early Harvest (DE5542), a midtone olive green, reflects the aging of the vines, the last of the ready vegetables that are ripe for the picking before the frost ushers in another winter.

Color Blocking: 9 Clever Ideas to Incorporate Into Your Interior Design Plans

08/31/21 Sara McLean

Color blocking can transform your interior space into a stunning work of art. This painting technique has evolved over time and is now ruling Instagram feeds.

Vibrancy Lab Studio: A Candy-Colored, Picture-Perfect Photo Studio

08/31/21 Sara McLean

Nagel’s recent project for clients Chris Hernandez of CNH Photography and Geo Leon — co-owners of the photo studio Vibrancy Lab — was to design a downtown Los Angeles photo studio, and she treated them to magnificent eye candy.

Dunn-Edwards Portraits: Former Architecture Student Carves Her Own Artistic Path

08/31/21 Carolyn Neuhausen

The founder of the multidisciplinary Betty Larkin design studio says if only she knew then what she knows now, she’d have approached things differently.

Then, Now, and Forever® Collection Highlight: Bidwell Mansion

08/12/21 specs+spaces staff

Bidwell sought a place in Victorian society and built a mansion for himself and his wife Anne. The home is a stellar example of Italianate Victorian architecture.

Dazey Desert House: A Mid-century Modern Colorful Paradise

08/04/21 Sara McLean

​Set within the desert oasis of Palm Springs, Calif. is Dazey Desert House, a William Krisel-designed, Mid-century Modern home that is a vivacious example of bold desert design.

The Painted Arch: A Painting Trend Making Its Way through Social Media

08/04/21 Sara McLean

Many turn to social media to find the latest trends in design and one such trend over the past several seasons is the painted arch.