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Color + Psychology

7 Calming Interior Paint Color Ideas to Refresh Your Home for 2022

01/17/22 Sara McLean

Color in the home has taken on more importance as we continue to spend a majority of our time staying indoors. And as we all know, color can instantly transform the mood of a room.

Off The Wall Graffiti: A Year of Transforming COVID into Color and Conversations

01/10/22 specs+spaces staff

We’re diving into OTW’s most recent work with two additional schools, Zane Grey High School and John R. Wooden High School, to see how the small act of painting can leave an impactful mark.

Mastering the Look: California Desert Chic

12/06/21 specs+spaces staff

Inspired by the uncluttered beauty of open spaces and a connection with nature, desert chic is as much a way of living as it is a design scheme. This is why—while there are some common themes in desert chic, like use of high-quality materials, simplicity and color palettes of roses and browns—there are different interpretations of desert chic as well.

Lekker House Pines: A Modern Celebration of ’70s Alpine Culture

12/06/21 specs+spaces staff

Set an hour and a half outside Los Angeles in the mountains of Lake Arrowhead, California is Lekker House Pines, a prow chalet style home that offers a fresh take on a bold 1970s-inspired color palette.

Best Brown Colors for Your Desert Oasis

11/12/21 Sara McLean

Desert style, both in its historic and modern nuances, is inspired by many elements including soothing hues, organic textures and the landscape. Whether a Mid-century modern pad in Palm Springs to a desert modern retreat in Joshua Tree or even a desert adobe in the hills of Arizona, desert homes are not typically a singular vision of an oasis.

Best Brown Colors for Your Bohemian Design Style

11/12/21 Sara McLean

Bohemian design style is defined by a relaxed, carefree vibe and lack of structure. At the core of this aesthetic is layers of texture and color that is uniquely personal, combining objects, patterns and color that are globally-inspired and well-traveled.

The Importance of Lighting in Design

11/10/21 specs+spaces staff

One of the best and most exciting places to start in crafting the look and feel of a space is choosing a paint color. However, it’s crucial to also think about light sources when designing a space. Color can actually look dramatically different from room to room given the interplay of a light source on that color.

The Color Brown: Essential Color Theory, Symbolism and Design Application

11/10/21 Sara McLean

Known as the color of natural elements of wood, sand, soil and stone, as well as comfort and stability, brown is a color of nature and a grounding force in design.

November Color of the Month: Blazing Autumn (DE5235)

11/03/21 specs+spaces staff

The orange color family abounds at this time of year and we’re highlighting the midtone apricot hue Blazing Autumn (DE5235) this November for another reason as well—because it’s warm and honeyed shade reminds us of the sunshine that keeps the Southwestern landscape warm right up until winter.

Dunn-Edwards Portraits: A Tale of Two Design Competition Winners

11/01/21 Carolyn Neuhausen

Dunn-Edwards is proud to announce the winners of our inaugural design challenge, the 2021 Emerging Professionals Design Competition: students Callie Welsh (Savannah College of Art and Design) and Helen Hoang (University of Cincinnati).