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Window Wonderland: Holiday Window Displays 2017

12/11/17 Grace Lennon

Year after year, Los Angeles residents flock to shopping areas such as the Grove and Rodeo to not only purchase the latest items, but view the Instagram-worthy spectacles that light up the store windows.

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Winter Color Crush: 4 Moody Palettes To Steal This Season

12/07/17 specs+spaces staff

​Winter is coming. With the winter solstice quickly approaching on on December 21st, we’re taking a look at some winter-inspired color palettes to help guide you this holiday season.

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Holiday 2017 Color+Design Trends

12/01/17 Sara McLean

The winter holidays are back and better than ever! With an abundance of trend themes taking center stage this season, here are some of our favorites to inspire you to demonstrate your favorites.

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Will Gen Z Yellow Oust Millennial Pink?

11/22/17 specs+spaces staff

​We all know and have grown to love the trend that is Millennial Pink. But it may be time for the soft rose hue to move over and make room for a new trend. That’s right, make way for Gen Z Yellow.

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6th and Detroit: California 70s Cool

11/03/17 Sara McLean

​6th and Detroit, a stylish home-décor boutique located in the Arts District of Long Beach, Calif., is owned by Michelle Qazi, whose home we highlighted in October. This month, we’re taking you on a tour of her boutique and talk to her about the transformative power of color for her business.

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MEYOUWE: The Art of Mer Young

11/03/17 Sara McLean

​Local Los Angeles-based artist Mer Young recently showcased a series of collages and paintings at her solo exhibit titled MEYOUWE (me-you-we), which provided colorful highlights into Young and what drives her to keep creating exquisite and meaningful work.

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Pop Up Greens: Molly Rhymer and a Devotion to Plantscaping

11/03/17 Sara McLean

Molly Rhymer, owner of Los Angeles-based business Pop Up Greens, finds pleasure in being surrounded by greenery and nature. And with an eye for design and assured of her preferred design aesthetic, she began creating a line of hand-painted pots with a variety of colors and designs to suit her tastes. Soon, the public took notice and Pop Up Greens was born.

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3 Hot Fall Design and Color Trends

10/23/17 specs+spaces staff

Whether you’re in search of a new favorite color for your space or some on-point design tips, here are some of the trends we’ve spotted this season.

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Celebrate Natural Wonders! A 2018 Color+Design Trend Story

10/18/17 Sara McLean

​Celebrate the world’s natural wonders! A life experienced on one’s own terms is a life of poetry in motion. The story of Natural Wonders is a celebration of health and wellness and a dedication to everyday unique experiences.

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Small Space, Big Color

10/16/17 specs+spaces staff

Designing a small spaces can be a struggle to get right. Ensuring interior spaces feel open and vibrant is especially key during fall and winter as our living shifts primarily indoors.