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Haunted LA: Get spooked this Halloween with 6 truly inspiring spots!

10/07/13 Grace Lennon

 Ready for some real scares this Halloween season? Here's your guide to six of the most haunted architectural gems in Los Angeles, from movie studios to legendary hotels and...

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The Garden of Flowing Fragrance: An Inside Look at the Creation of the Huntington’s Chinese Garden

09/29/13 Grace Lennon

Inspired by the 16th-century Chinese scholarly gardens of Suzhou, China, Liu Fang Yuan, the Garden of Flowing Fragrance, is located on a 12-acre site on the grounds of the...

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Community in Action: Beautify Lincoln Boulevard

09/29/13 Megan Mostyn-Brown

Artist Evan Meyer is proof that less talk and more work can change a community. 

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"Elephant Parade" Arrives in America

09/29/13 Sara McLean

Nestled atop the dramatic cliffs of Dana Point, Calif., a show-stopping display of 30 elephant sculptures provides instant smiles. On display throughout Dana Point until Nov....

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What's in a Color Match?

09/07/13 Dave Heiligenthal

Not all color matches are created equal. This is because color can be rather unpredictable when you take into account the various factors that can affect its appearance.

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Dunn-Edwards Introduces EVEREST® Interior Line of Ultra Premium, Self Priming, Zero VOC Paint

09/07/13 specs+spaces staff

Dunn-Edwards has introduced a new line of interior, 100% acrylic, self priming, Zero VOC paint called EVEREST®.

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Elevated Living

09/07/13 Grace Lennon

The first thing that comes to mind when you hear the word "treehouse" is probably the small wooden platform perched in your childhood oak tree, evoking scenes from Swiss Family...

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Sebastião Salgado “Genesis” at The Peter Fetterman Gallery

09/07/13 Megan Mostyn-Brown

Photography is often a window into worlds we don’t have the means to visit. Sebastião Salgado’s series “Genesis," now on display in the Peter Fetterman Gallery at Santa Monica's...

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Architecture: What's Old is New

What's old is new again. CBS News reports on the trend of saving great old buildings from being torn down, giving these architectural gems new life.  READ MORE

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Hidden Los Angeles: The City’s Secret Staircases

08/25/13 Megan Mostyn-Brown

“Walking in L.A., nobody walks in L.A." Los Angeles is a car town. No one hoofs it from one place to the next. In fact, this city is notorious for citizens driving comically short distances in the name of convenience.