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2013 Holiday Color and Design Trends

12/01/13 Sara McLean

Sleigh bells are ringing!  Another holiday season is upon us and at this time of year, we look to what’s on the horizon for holiday trends.  Both familiar and new, these trends...

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Steve McCurry: UNTOLD at The Peter Fetterman Gallery

11/02/13 Megan Mostyn-Brown

Though Steve McCurry may not be a household name, it’s a sure bet that most people would recognize his iconic photographs. For three decades this legendary photojournalist has...

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The City Through an Architect’s Eyes: Architecture Tours L.A.

11/02/13 Grace Lennon

Architecture should speak of its time and place, but yearn for timelessness. -- Frank Gehry. Buildings stand as a city's silent storytellers. They personify influences, cultural movements and history written across their facades. To tour a city's architecture is the same as touring it's DNA.

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Harvest Abundance: 2013 Thanksgiving Color Trends and Palettes

11/02/13 Sara McLean

The sights and sounds of the holidays are upon us once again. As we look forward to Thanksgiving, there are several trends to note in color and décor. Expressing the many moods of the season, these trends and colors are sure to get the creativity flowing for your fall design projects.

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2014 Trends Expanded: Residential Architecture Insights

11/02/13 Grace Lennon

Looking to the year ahead, 2014 will be another exciting year for color and design trends. Expanding on the over-arching themes developed this spring in our Simply Enlightenment 2014, we dive deeper into residential architecture to see what's on the horizon –- from untreated and reclaimed wood, to indoor green walls –- as well as spotlight forward-thinking architects who relish a chance to showcase the latest and best in residential architecture.

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Adobes, Artwork and a Neighborhood Fall Festival

10/14/13 Megan Mostyn-Brown

Just over the Santa Monica Mountains, nestled in between Thousand Oaks and Calabasas is the Los Angeles suburb of Agoura Hills. The area has a rich historical past, most notably...

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Haunted LA: Get spooked this Halloween with 6 truly inspiring spots!

10/07/13 Grace Lennon

 Ready for some real scares this Halloween season? Here's your guide to six of the most haunted architectural gems in Los Angeles, from movie studios to legendary hotels and...

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The Garden of Flowing Fragrance: An Inside Look at the Creation of the Huntington’s Chinese Garden

09/29/13 Grace Lennon

Inspired by the 16th-century Chinese scholarly gardens of Suzhou, China, Liu Fang Yuan, the Garden of Flowing Fragrance, is located on a 12-acre site on the grounds of the...

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Community in Action: Beautify Lincoln Boulevard

09/29/13 Megan Mostyn-Brown

Artist Evan Meyer is proof that less talk and more work can change a community. 

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"Elephant Parade" Arrives in America

09/29/13 Sara McLean

Nestled atop the dramatic cliffs of Dana Point, Calif., a show-stopping display of 30 elephant sculptures provides instant smiles. On display throughout Dana Point until Nov....