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We’re Loving These 3 Color Schemes Inspired by Greece

Design Trends

We’ve got 3 Color Schemes Inspired by Greece on the brain. More than a year after COVID grounded normal life to a halt, many people have become increasingly antsy, dreaming of travel this summer. Although there remains reason to be cautious, one of the world’s most storied and beautiful destinations, Greece, has opened to vaccinated tourists from the United States, United Kingdom, European Union and a handful of other countries, making it one of the first European nations to do so.

With thousands of years of life, culture, and architecture, the travel bug has us looking to these three Grecian-inspired color schemes, inspiring us to dream of the Mediterranean nation’s aqua waters, stone ruins, and hillside villages with awe. Whether you plan on traveling this summer or simply dreaming of future vacations from the comfort of your own home, here are 3 Stunning Summer Colors Schemes Inspired by Greece.

Antiparos, Greece
Stark white domed buildings, bright blue trim and fuchsia bougainvillea cascading over walls are all part of the classic picture of Greek life and one of the color palettes with which we’re smitten.



Corfu, Greece
This island in the Ionian sea is known as a major travel destination for its cypress and olive tree-studded mountains, sunny beaches and cobalt blue waters. Storied throughout literature in connection to major battles and myths, Corfu has played a large part in history thanks to its strategic position at the Northwest entrance to larger Greece.



Athens, Greece
The capital city of Grecian life, Athens is known as the birthplace of Western culture, from philosophy to democratic government, literature and drama. The Acropolis sits within view of much of the city, reminding residents of the country’s mighty history. The architecture of the region showcases centuries of culture clashes, occupations and styles, from ancient ruins to Ottoman and Byzantine influences to the street art that now abounds throughout the city.



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