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Trending Bedroom Colors for 2020

Design Trends

There’s a special place in our Dunn-Edwards heart for bedroom styling. After all, bedrooms are private and serve as personal reflections of those who live in them and the way we paint them can evoke a mood that shapes our daily lives. With so many beautiful colors to choose from, analysis-paralysis can be a real thing, so we’ve scoped out the bedroom color trends for 2020 to help you make clearer decisions designing your private sanctuary.

An overarching theme of the 2020 trends is a return to earthy organic shades and an embrace of saturated dark colors and jewel tones, as Elle Decor reports. It’s something you’ll also see noted in our Dunn-Edwards 2020 Color Trends Story, The Silk Road, which features rich moody blues like Indigo Night (DEA138) and Singing The Blues (DET576), and extravagance through hues such as Teal Me No Lies (DE5732). The arrival of 2020 marks the 100th anniversary of the decadent, blazing raucousness of the Roaring 1920's and its vibrant Art Deco design sensibilities. We’ll see era-appropriate references in current and emerging design.

The Moody Hues


Photo Credit: Monica Wang

In the 2010's, bedrooms skewed toward the light and airy, with shades of white on the walls, light colored boho bedding and loads of bright green house plants. Heading into this new decade, it’s time to embrace jewel tones like Jaclyn Johnson, founder of Create & Cultivate, who painted her bedroom Parisian Night (DEA184).

Grounded Pastels


Photo Credit: Katie Mack

Pastels are definitely having a moment next year, and we’re big fans of the cheery and natural Minty Fresh which we’ve named Dunn-Edwards 2020 Color of the Year. When it comes to 2020 color and design trends, we’re seeing millennial pinks shift to peaches which represent the tactile environments key in a high-tech world. Learn more about the shift we’re seeing in our 2020 Color Trends Story, Neu Traditions. This newer spin on pastels keeps them grounded and reflective of earthy hues, just like how songwriter and stylist Katie Mack used Coral Bisque (DE5177) to add warmth and romance to her bedroom.

Desert Tones


Photo Credit: Bethany Nauert

A major design trend for 2020 will continue to be organic and earthy tones. Looking to design trendsetters like the Sara and Rich Combs of The Joshua Tree House and our Co-Habitants color palette, try an eye-catching yet down to earth golden tone like Laredo Road (DE5369) as a bedroom focal point.