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These Japandi Color Palettes Will Help You Embrace A Minimalist Fall

Design Trends

Chocolate and peanut butter. Crackers and cheese. Some things, when combined, just make the perfect pairing. That holds for design styles as well. Two such design trends sweeping across social media, making the perfect complement to one another are Japanese wabi sabi minimalism and Scandinavian hygge design. Japandi, as it's called, is the fusion of the two styles. The result is a design trend that culminates in a comforting, sophisticated aesthetic that pays respect to nature.

A search of the term “#japandi” on Instagram reveals 116,000 posts, while “#japandistyle” boasts another 38,600. It’s no surprise that this style, known for its connection to and appreciation for nature, has connected with so many over the last two years. Throughout the pandemic, many city dwellers have left the hustle and bustle of major metros in exchange for a quieter existence more connected to nature. Japandi style is the perfect accompaniment for such an existence.

Commonly featuring muted, neutral and green tones, here are a few color palettes to help you you embrace a minimalist fall with Japandi style.

Hygge with Oatmeals and Natural Woods


Strike up a fire in the hearth for the ultimate hygge feeling this fall. Pair it with the restrained color palettes that are a trademark of Japandi homes. And clean whites and off-whites tones are a staple of Scandinavian design. Oatmeal on the sofa is softened further by a crisp white on the fireplace behind it, while a warm tan offers comfort and a dose of drama. A touch of green brings in nature to this warm and cozy fall space.


Drama with Stark Contrast


Sugi ban is the traditional Japanese art of blackening wood. The thing about black is it’s an instant and way to add drama to a space, and it’s a punch of drama that the matte black dining chairs add to this Japandi-inspired aesthetic above. The immense contrast between the room’s black and white is softened by the white jacket with pink undertones, light wood table top, and gray veining in the backsplash. This cool, moody space has us ready to take on fall and even winter.


Mauves and Browns


Our Dunn-Edwards 2022 Color of the Year is neutral brown hue Art & Craft (DET682), a color which showcases an appreciation for nature. With this in mind, we’re embracing neutral, yet mood-enhancing browns and mauves for this particular Japandi fall color palette. With its sophisticated warmth, Dunn-Edwards Amazing Amethyst (DE6013) would make a great color choice for a living room that envelops guests and family alike this holiday season. Pepper in doses of complementary Crystal Clear (DE6008) from the same color family, and also rich textures and woods in an array of darker brown tones all on backdrop of soft cloudy gray.


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