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The Painted Arch: A Painting Trend Making Its Way through Social Media

Design Trends

Many turn to social media to find the latest trends in design and one such trend over the past several seasons is the painted arch. With minimal budget, this simple design trick using paint color makes a huge impression on spaces.

Used as a focal point for an array of home aesthetics, the painted arch can enliven and embolden a space, creating depth and layers of effortless sophistication. Check out these examples highlighting unique and
colorfully painted arches in a variety of spaces:

Dining Room
Paint an arch with a contrasting color for a modern, desert aesthetic. Claire Thomas painted this arch niche in the dining room of Oeste Warm Hearth (DE6110). “The dining room at Oeste Home is inspired by one of my favorite places to travel in Mexico — Oaxaca. The archway was a detail we added and I chose Warm Hearth from Dunn-Edwards as the accent. It’s the most beautiful, not neutral brown and I love it,” stated Thomas.


Color: DE6110 Warm Hearth. "Oeste". Design and Photography: Claire Thomas

Children’s Center
Childcare subscription app Brella opened its first space in Los Angeles, with play areas, a co-working space and a yoga studio. The modern, whimsical color palette includes a bold archway transition painted in Indigo Night (DEA138). Design by Project M PlusPlus.


Color: DEA138 Indigo Night. "Children's Center". Design by Project M Plus

With the help of our professional color advisors and our online color consultation program, Blynn Darwin revamped her space with painted arches to highlight and color block the room.


Colors: Main Walls: Swiss Coffee (DEW341). Accent Colors: Light Carob (DE5183), Cedarville (DE5185), SECLUDED CANYON (DE5186). "Online Color Consultation". Design by @blynndarwin

A great way to make your bed even comfier is to have a fresh coat of color to open your eyes to. Erika Carlock used our online color consultation and received great advice from our professional color advisors and created a spectacular wall of color! With color in hand, Erika walked her followers through a step-by-step process of how she painted her arch mural.


Colors: Aloha Sunset (DE5178). Freshly Baked Bread (DE5254). Oakley Apricot (DET445). Fresh Coat of Color. Design and Photo Credit: @erikacarlock

Riff on the Arch with other Shapes
When fashion designer Dani Nagel, founder of Dazey LA, found her Beachwood Canyon home in the
hills above Los Angeles, she knew she wanted to transform it with an Art Deco-meets-Moroccan vibe a place full of color, perfect for showcasing her collection of vintage artwork and velvet couches. A graphic treatment on a popular design blog and her beloved yellow bed served as a springboard for Nagel’s cheerful, buttery bedroom, which is painted in Deserted Path (DE5367).


color: DE5367 Deserted Path. Design and Photography: Dani Nagel

“I had originally seen a photo from the Jungalow where they had painted small dots behind floating shelves and I loved the concept.” She couldn’t bring the dot motif into her living room due to the already built-in shelving, common in homes from this period, so Nagel carried the concept to her bedroom instead. “We started with the dot behind the bed, meant to represent the sun. Once we did that dot we fell in I decided to do the dot in my office, too,” she said.


Colors: DE5792 Falling Tears and DE5148 Pale Jasper. Design and Photography: Dani Nagel

Or how about playing up your creative side with other shapes? OrlyColorLabs, one of our favorite partnerships, highlighted their flagship store with a colorfully creative approach to simple shapes and forms featuring the talents of artist Katie Thierjung of @theuncommonplace.


Or even transform any room into a chic living space. Check out our collaboration with Lamps Plus @LampsPlus in the flesh! Claire Thomas used the Dunn-Edwards color-inspired Burnt Almond (DE5258) lamp to help transform the room into a 70's dreamland!


Color: DE5258 Burnt Almond. Design and Photography: Claire Thomas

Feeling inspired? Pick up that paint brush and try out this paint color application trend on your next design project. And tag us @dunnedwards to show us the outcome!