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The Distinctive Stylings of Yvette Craddock Designs

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Planning for both current and future clients creates a unique perspective in design that blends the ideals of setting up unique spaces for the person living in a space, while maintaining restraints to highlight the best of the plan for future clients. That’s where Yvette Craddock’s skills soar. Craddock of Yvette Craddock Designs (YCD) was provided a unique opportunity to showcase the firm’s skills of planning for both present and future needs of a luxury residence.

Great room area

great room area. DE6365 Cold Morning

“The project was unique in that my design approach was two-fold: to create a congruent contemporary space for the client and for the future owner,” Craddock said. “The client was listing this home but needed furniture; updated tile for the fireplaces; updated ceiling fans; chandeliers; sconces; paint, carpet, art and accessories for the foyer, dining room, game room, kitchen, home office, great room and home theater.”

Media room

Media room. DE6355 Tarnished Silver

She further states, “These selections needed to flow with the existing furniture (living room) and color palette in the tile, paint and high-end kitchen system. The client upgraded and automated the window treatments throughout the entire home. A Control 4 smart-home system was also installed to appeal to today’s buyer of $1 million-plus properties. We selected furniture and décor that the client loved enough to keep and incorporate into the next home.”

And when designing for these clients, challenges arise. Craddock states, “The unique challenge is to create a balance between what works for the existing homeowner, what is seamless with the home, and making selections that are attractive enough to appeal to the largest number of people within the property’s target demographic and psychographic profile.”

Great room

Great room. DE6365 COLD MORNING

“People must see their furniture, families, friends and overall lifestyle in a prospective home when they are house hunting. If your house you desire to see is too personalized, people will be turned off. An example of balancing the two is when the client and I were selecting window treatments, the client really wanted to install a product that had a slight pattern in a darker color. However, my suggestion was to choose a color that would coordinate with the existing paint and flooring and remain neutral enough for practically any color palette the future owner would choose.”

Craddock looks for ways to incorporate meaningful inspiration and individuality in custom design solutions and — utilizing Dunn-Edwards color and product for this project — we see how color plays a role in elevating the design aesthetic throughout the home:

Kitchen Area

Kitchen Area. DE6365 Cold Morning

Color plays an integral part of Craddock’s designs. She states, “Color has power. It is similar to lighting in
that it is essential to creating an environment yet, at times, it goes unnoticed. It is a design element that offers expansive options of hues within a color, color combinations, finish and applications. It has the capability to
create an array of moods, expand or contract space and to define space and objects that are mystifying. There is so much to explore through color that I think is untapped.”

Dining room

Dining room. DE6365 Cold Morning

Color is the first component in my strategic design approach after learning a client’s goals. I include paint, wallpaper; flooring (tile, carpet or wood); textures; and finishes for each of these elements. Once those decisions are made, then everything else seems to fall in line. In the case of homes that have existing
colors for features such as countertops or extensive amounts of flooring, I work around those items and create color stories that accomplish the client’s goals of how they want to feel in their space,” she added.

And what are some of the Dunn-Edwards go-to hues she enjoys? Check out some of her favorites below.

Morning Calm, Eventide

Lucky Clover

Wolverine, Tarnished Silver

About Yvette Craddock Designs

Yvette Craddock Designs specializes in curating luxury lifestyle experiences, spaces and products. YCD design immersive B-to-B and B-to-C experiences that are the confluence of commerce, creativity, culture and
community. These are innovative campaigns to launch new products and services in short-term environments. The firm’s interior design services encompass residential primary and secondary homes and boutique commercial spaces. The product design division includes custom furniture and tabletop products.

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All Photography by and courtesy of Craig Root of Craig Root Imaging-Architectural and Interior Photography