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The Colors of Coachella

Artistic Inspiration

Coachella is perhaps best known for its star-studded music lineup, but the annual outdoor music festival is also an arts festival, showcasing large-scale art installations and pop-ups. Original pieces from established and up-and-coming artists can be found throughout the festival grounds.

The festival groundsSPECTRA, Image Credit: Erin Weinstock

This year’s event was held over two weekends at the Empire Polo Club on April 13-15 and April 20-22. It
featured works of art that played with the colors in their natural surroundings, appearing differently in the
day and night to create an immersive experience for festival goers. Even if you didn’t make the festival,
photos of the art can be seen all over Instagram.

The installations of Coachella 2018 are full of colorful inspiration. We matched some of the festival’s
most eye-popping installations to Dunn-Edwards paint colors so you can try the combinations.

SPECTRA by Newsubstance
SPECTRA, the colorful and cylindrical tower, may have been this year’s most photographed installation.
The exterior of SPECTRA is all about its architecture, while the inside is about the immersive color and
light experience. Visitors are guided through a seven-story spectrum of color as they move through the
structure. Its custom-colored glass panels look different from the light of day to the night, when they’re
illuminated by LED lights.

Match your way through the spectrum with these picks from Dunn-Edwards: Passionate Plum (DEA144),
Crimson Strawberry (DEA102), Bright Mango (DE5195), Orange Delight (DE5306), Banana Peel (DE5340),
Citrus Leaf (DE5558) and Wild Forest (DEA127).

SPECTRA Coachella Palette

SUPERNOVA by Roberto Bear & Rosario Marquardt, R&R Studios
SUPERNOVA’s vibrant colors are meant to convey hope. Artists Roberto Bear and Rosario Marquardt
designed the piece to bring pleasure to Coachella attendees. The structure is not only pleasing to the
eye, but also provides a shady meeting place to escape the desert sun.

Get the polychromatic star’s pleasing palette with these Dunn-Edwards colors: Real Raspberry (DE5039),
Mediterranean Sea (DE5830), Rubber Ducky (DE5390), Snow Pea (DE5634) and Amour (DE5104).

Supernova Palette

Simón Vega’s spacecraft-like sculpture blurs the lines between first and third worlds. PALM-3 is the El
Salvadorian artist’s commentary on the effects of the Cold War in Central America. The sculpture is
modeled after Soviet space station Mir, but decorated with raw materials that represent people living in
“happy poverty” in El Salvador.

It’s a patchwork of blues, yellows, greens, and neutrals. To match some of the more prominent hues, try
Oasis (DET546), Lemon Punch (DE5398), Sail Away (DE5836) and Catalina (DEW372).

Palm Palette

META & DITTO by Adam Ferriss
To experience Adam Ferriss’ augmented reality, festival goers had to download the Coachella app and
view the work of art through the Coachella Camera. The Los Angeles-based artist is known for his
hypnotic visuals, created by a combination of images, computer code and algorithms.

Capture the psychedelic look of Ferriss’ waves, look to Fuzzy Duckling (DE5396), Leprechaun (DEA126),
Faraway Sky (DE5942), Crushed Berries (DE5026) and Azure Sky (DE5834).

Meta and Ditto Palette