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Summer’s Always in Bloom with This Colorful Palm Springs Lifestyle Brand

Artistic Inspiration

Palm Springs might have a reputation as a glitzy vacation locale, but it’s also a city brimming with creativity full of style in industries as varied as art and architecture, health, wellness, and fashion. Now, Superbloom a lifestyle company that creates hats, socks, packs and a number of consumer goods in its trademark 10 colors is invigorating Palm Springs with a vibrancy all its own.



Each letter in the Superbloom name symbolizes one of its guiding principles and is tied to a specific Dunn-Edwards color: Self Loving in Amethyst Show (DE5990), Unique in Instant Orange (DEA114), Passionate in Striking Red (DEA103), Equality in Rosy Cheeks (DE5062), Reflecting in Highlighter (DE5404), Bold in a custom aqua blue called Kauai (DE 0173-0076-06201), Loyal in Blue Chip (DE5867), Offline in Billiard Table (DEA178), Optimistic in Peachtree (DE5129), and Mysterious in a blend of Ice Castle (DE5840) and Coastal Breeze (DEW374).




The expression of emotion and color is at the very heart of the Superbloom brand. “There is a reason we don't see the world in black and white ... but there is a language of color, a fundamental way in which we experience the world. Even as children, we all had a favorite color,” stated Alexis Ramirez, creative director and co-founder of Superbloom.



The brand’s signature staple is its Sombra Del Sol, a fashionable wide-brimmed gaucho-style hat that keeps the sun off the face and stands up to wind and water without losing its shape. Because sustainability is a critical part of the Superbloom ethos, the Sombra Del Sol is made-to-order or produced in limited runs of 300 to keep material overruns and carbon footprint at a minimum. The hat, in turn, is treated like a limited-edition work of art, handcrafted and hand-painted. The result? A durable, classically stylish hat that’s been painted twenty times from start to finish.



To order a hat, a customer answers a prompt through Superbloom’s Instagram to attain access to the full website; once through, the customer can start customizing a hat by choosing a color/principle with which they connect. From there, a choice of 10 patterns for the inside of the hat, as well as further customizations to the outside such as scarves, pins, or braided rope are offered. Even the tissue paper packaging for the hat is hand-painted!




The collaboration between Dunn-Edwards and Superbloom is an innovative application of Dunn-Edwards paint line. “We first tried Dunn-Edwards Instant Orange for our unique color and immediately fell in love with the vibrancy, durability and quality of ingredients not to mention it being odorless and non-toxic,” said Ramirez. “As we became even more educated with the Dunn-Edwards brand and its rich history, our values aligned with its forward-thinking approach and commitment to sustainability and innovation."



The brand has started experimenting with the Dunn-Edwards’ Exquisite product line, the most luxurious, stain-resistant, washable interior matte paint on the market. This ultra-low-VOC, 100%-acrylic paint, incorporates Dunn-Edwards' proprietary ChromaStay™ Technology, making it durable and long-lasting.


Superbloom Studio


superbloom hotel pop up

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All photos courtesy of Alexis Ramirez