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Sojourn Hotel Focus: Troutbeck

Design Trends

Continuing with our Color Trends 2019, we are focusing on designs that explore the color and design of the "Sojourn" trend. Social Architecture is the conscious designing of physical space to optimize human interactions and connection to its surroundings. Designers that utilize the "Sojourn" trend feature local materials throughout the interiors, and embrace urban agriculture, sustainability and reuse. Floor plans and furniture layouts garner community and social interaction, while natural hues, including pale pinks, olives, browns and rich greens, rustic textures and graphic motifs populate interiors.


hotel exterior

The Troutbeck hotel is a unique Hudson Valley hideaway that’s at once historic, low-key and luxurious. Mark Twain, Henry David Thoreau, Ralph Waldo Emerson, Langston Hughes, Sinclair Lewis, Teddy Roosevelt, the naturalist John Burroughs and many others all flocked to this timeless natural setting for inspiration, relaxation, and provocative conversation at the early part of the century. Today this renovated manor house is once again a hot spot for those craving a high-minded respite.


hotel entry

An L-shaped structure constructed in 1919 with the warm-colored stone walls and heavy slate roofs, this stately house was built solidly enough to last through the centuries. All of its main rooms face south to keep the sun out in summer and to drink it in during the winter. Numerous doors open onto the lawn and terrace, heightening the warm feeling guests have of being snug and protected.


guest room interior

The interiors feature local custom-made furniture, reclaimed antiques, handmade ceramic table lamps, modernist pieces, and four-poster beds painted a deep crimson red. This comfortable retreat is beautifully designed yet, in many ways, not at all designed — a place to create, contemplate and congregate.



The sunroom presents rattan armchairs and tables inspired by Ray Eames, while the bar showcases its copper top, oak cabinets, chicken wire panels and retro pink vinyl barstools. Antique chairs from the estate have been reupholstered in geometric-patterned fabrics, while round brass-topped occasional tables in some rooms were locally made.



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All Photographs Used with Permission.