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Pasadena Showcase House of Design to Highlight Monterey Colonial

Dunn-Edwards is proud to -- once again -- be the exclusive paint sponsor for the 2013 Pasadena Showcase House of Design. This is the event's 49th year as the annual fundraiser for Pasadena Showcase House for the Arts (PSHA). Dunn-Edwards has been the paint sponsor for more than 46 years and, this year, welcomes another home into the Showcase collection.

As one of the oldest, largest and most successful house and garden tours in the country, Showcase will highlight the work of residential architect Roland E. Coate, Sr. at a 1941 residence located in Arcadia, California. Open April 21 through May 19, 2013, this historic home will be transformed and fully renovated into an extraordinary jewel by renowned designers from throughout Southern California.

Originally built for prominent furniture executive C. Lawrence Barker, of the former Southland furniture company, Barker Brothers, the estate is a Monterey Colonial residence that features a number of Colonial Revival subtypes, a mixture that the architect was known for in his attempts in creating a native "California Style." The estate is a two-story, 10,433-square-foot home that features several gardens, a tennis/basketball court, a swimming pool with spa, and a pool house set on 1.79 acres.

PSHA is a non-profit, all-volunteer organization in California whose members donate time and resources to the annual Pasadena Showcase House of Design. Founded in 1948, the PSHA adopted the Pasadena Showcase House of Design as its annual benefit in 1965. Event proceeds support local arts and music programs with gifts and grants, the annual Pasadena Showcase House Youth Concert, the Pasadena Showcase House Music Mobile, and the Pasadena Showcase House Instrumental Competition.

See past Showcase homes and color palettes using Perfect Palette® Colors

2012: See the House

2012 Color Palette

DE6206 Desert Suede

DE5531 Dark Cavern

DE5796 Before the Storm

DE5386 Brown Wood

DE5097 Red Rock

DE6062 Tea Bag

DE5364 Coffee Cream

DE6171 Sand Dollar

DEA163 Rodeo

DEC787 Mythical Blue

DE6277 Pebble Walk

DEA155 Arabian Red

DE5744 Seaport

DE5500 Olive Hint

DE5820 Polished Silver

2011: See the House
2011 Color Palette

DE6213 Fine Grain

DEC728 Madera

DE5498 Calla Lily

DE5562 Olive Martini

DEW341 Swiss Coffee

DE5565 Crocodile Smile

DEA150 Scarlet Past

DEW380 White

DE6371 Black Jack

2010: See the House
2010 Color Palette

DEC771 Shaggy Barked

DEC723 Champagne

DE6385 Black Bean

DE6199 Pale Beach

DE5333 Burst of Gold

DE5803 Turbulent Sea

DE6193 Bamboo Screen

DEC792 Cape Cod Blue

DEC764 Inside Passage

DE6198 Cream Wave

DEW319 Damask

DE6170 Rice Bowl

DE6270 Antique Coin

DEC761 Cochise

DEC781 Sycamore Stand

2009: See the House

2009 Color Palette

DE6297 Patina Creek

DEC761 Cochise

DEC756 Weathered Brown

DEC771 Shaggy Barked

DE5117 Redwood City

DE5528 Watercress

DE6303 Sky Glass

DE6312 Dusty Dream

DE6335 Novelty Navy

DE5529 Stuffed Olive

DEW302 Romantic

DE6207 Egyptian Sand

DEC714 Friar Tuck

DEW380 White

DE5774 Thundercloud

2008: See the House
2008 Color Palette

DE6193 Bamboo Screen

DE5536 Dill Grass

DE6148 Antique Linen

DEC788 Dark Lagoon

DE5097 Red Rock

DE5502 Serpentine

DE5772 Blue Spruce

DE6036 Cloudy Gray

DE6111 S'mores

DE6151 Warm Butterscotch

DE5426 Mustard Seed

DE5460 18th Century Green

DEA194 Mulberry

DE5790 Atlantis

DE6192 Nomadic Taupe

2007: See the House

2007 Color Palette

DEC757 Rincon Cove

DEA187 Black

DEC741 Bone White

DE6234 Serene Thought

DE6197 Modern Ivory

DE6140 Brown Bear

DE6130 Wooded Acre

DE6235 Northgate Green

DE6311 Haze Blue

DEC751 Ash Gray

DEW383 Cool December

DE6278 Stone Creek

DE6205 Stucco Tan

DE6063 Black Walnut

DE6346 Silver Springs

2006: See the House

2006 Color Palette

DEA158 Northern Territory

DEW341 Swiss Coffee

DEC720 Cliff's View

DEW382 Faded Gray

DE6377 Boat Anchor

DE5882 Harbor Afternoon

DE6284 Graceful Green

DE5360 Wheatbread

DE5898 Prim Blue

DEA148 Sunken Ship

DE5359 Crossroads

DE6150 Gourmet Honey

DE6144 Graham Cracker

DEC772 Navajo White

DE6178 Boutique Beige

2005: See the House

2005 Color Palette

DE6150 Gourmet Honey

DEA173 Frond

DE5118 BBQ

DE5213 Seasonal Beige

DE5241 Sicilian Villa

DEC780 Tickled Crow

DE6157 Bisque Tan

DEC762 Milkweed

DE6135 Verona Beach

DEW317 Day Lily

DEC736 Flaxseed

DEC761 Cochise

DE5359 Crossroads

DE5878 Bachelor Blue

DE6249 Trinity Islands

To order your tickets and find out more about Pasadena Showcase House of Design, visit http://www.pasadenashowcase.org