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Optimistic Endeavors: Tales of Tomorrow. A Reveal of the Dunn-Edwards 2020 Color + Design Trends

Design Trends

Introducing “Optimistic Endeavors: Tales of Tomorrow,” our 2020 color + design trends. This next year takes us on a journey filled with hopeful adventures, highlighting inspiring ideas for color and design. We are looking forward to a new decade — with its advances in science and technology, as well as global views. In addition, we are approaching a generational change that’s leading us to new identities, which means we’re on a mission to leave the world a better place, while fully immersing ourselves in the present along the way. The five stories of our 2020 trends report highlight five color palettes showcased in a series of animated video stories highlighting the textures, materials and cultural references inspiring the trends.

Trend 1: The Silk Road

Neo-Baroque and Art Deco intermingle with East Asian influences in this design journey that juxtaposes simplicity and extravagance. Contrasting jewel tones inspire us to live boldly.

A dressmaker gains access to the fantasy world inside her fabrics.

DE SpecsSpaces Swatches The Silk Road

Trend 2: Fresh and Free

Innovation, tranquility and a desire for transparency lead us to a clean, light palette of bright pastels and soothing neutrals. We are on a quest for balance between calm and progress.

One woman’s attempt to meditate … backfires.

DE SpecsSpaces Swatches Fresh and Free

Trend 3: Neu Traditions

Sophisticated. Quiet. Feminine. Classic design feels entirely “Neu,” enveloping us in soothing neutrals, warm peaches and oversized florals reminiscent of the Dutch masters’ paintings.

A man is confronted by the women in his wall paintings.

DE SpecsSpaces Swatches Neu Traditions

Trend 4: Co-Habitants

Tribe mentality gives way to global inclusion. We transcend boundaries and find ourselves grounded by rich hues that demand authenticity and a focus on the planet.

One being’s journey to find his tribe has a surprising conclusion.

DE SpecsSpaces Swatches CoHabitants

Trend 5: Playtime

Bright, poppy colors and bold Memphis patterns urge us to live for today and enjoy every moment. We don’t just break the rules — we smash them into a million, juicy pieces.

An interior designer joyfully deconstructs into her own designs...

SpecsSpaces Swatches Playtime

Stay tuned as we continue to explore and reveal more about each trend story during the
coming months. To view these videos and other Dunn-Edwards videos, visit us here.

All videos copyright Dunn-Edwards.