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October Color of the Month: Rosewine (DE5019)

Design Trends

Why Rosewine is October’s Color of the Month
Fall is well on its way come October and as the weather cools, our tastes naturally turn to more saturated, darker tones. Tones that envelop us in their warmth. October’s color of the month Rosewine (DE5019), continues the exploration into fall’s drama and depth, which began last month. As rose blossoms in the garden have given way to darkened rose hips, so too have our sights shifted from pinker hues of summer to velvety plums and reds reminiscent of the season’s impending wine harvest.


Magenta: Everything Old is Neu Again
Rosewine might be familiar to you included as part of our Neu Traditions color + design story. Rosewine helped round off the palette that expressed quiet, sophisticated, feminine beauty through peaches, oranges and lavenders. The beauty of magentas and purples is that they possess the flexibility to be soft and floral, or dramatic and stately, and with autumn in full swing, we’re able to see Rosewine in a whole new context.


Designing with Magentas

  • To create a rich bedroom look, paint walls with Rosewine, a color that affords flexibility as it straddles both the red and pink families. This shade is especially well-suited for those looking to create a layered look in Grandmillennial style, perhaps incorporating complementary wallpaper, botanicals and cane furniture in the mix as well.
  • This magenta hue begs to be used in a formal dining room and works well when paired with Light Beige (DE6211) or Pigeon Gray (DE6214) on chair railing, door and trim.


  • Give Rosewine a sleek modern twist by cultivating it in a color palette alongside a crisp white like one of our new High Hide Whites Be Cool (DEHW09) or the muted magenta undertones of a white like Baby’s Breath (DEW342) and a contrasting black like Dark Engine (DE6350).
  • Experiment with this shade in a personal space like a study, balancing the look with a walnut wood desk or bookcase to keep the look from going too dark.