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November Color of the Month: Fall Foliage

Design Trends

Issues of Frankie Magazine and Architectural Digest rest on the coffee table in Mary Frasca’s modern abode in Eagle Rock neighborhood of Los Angeles. Frasca, a flight attendant, spends most days of the week flying between destinations like Dubai, Tokyo, Reykjavik, Tel Aviv, and other far-flung places; it’s enough to give even the most surefooted individual a good case of wanderlust. With all her travel, it’s no wonder that for her house, Frasca, has worked to create an enveloping environment that truly says “home.” It is warm and features aesthetic centered around earth tones. The interior beams with accents in burgundies and umbers. A number of different textures, along with layered textiles, create a vibe that exudes maximum coziness.



What Do You Love Most About Fall Foliage
When it comes to her living room, Frasca was looking for an extra element. Something to really take the room to the next level. She came across the story on our October of Color of the Month and instantly fell in love with the living room look showcased — a wide stripe across the room, about the height of wainscoting. All she needed was the perfect color to match her aesthetic. Dunn-Edwards’ November Color of the Month was the perfect fit. “It reminds me of the fall season from my hometown of Montreal,” says Frasca. “The color makes me want to cozy up next to the fire and enjoy a night in.” Her living room is now the ideal space to do just that with her adorable Chihuahua, Bailey, curled up by her side. We can practically smell the cinnamon and mulled wine.




How To Design With Fall Colors

  • For a traditional pairing accent Fall Foliage with (DE5257) with Shaggy Barked (DEC771) and a trim of Vanilla Shake (DEW325). These accents will create an inviting, yet flexible aesthetic.
  • Burnt orange hues like Fall Foliage (DE5257) pair well with teals. Colors like our 2018 Color of the Year, The Green Hour (DET544) is a great complement to Fall Foliage (DE5257). See how 6th and Detroit store owner, Michelle Qazi, perfected a refined yet playful ‘70s vibe in her coastal ranch full of oranges and green-blues here.
  • Create sophisticated and swanky atmosphere with Fall Foliage (DE5257) on the walls and furniture and decor accents in crisp blacks and whites — and a hint of metallic gold.
  • Accenting Fall Foliage (DE5257) with mid-tone and dark woods, deep reds and tons of greenery like Frasca for a serene space that’s reflective of mother nature.

The Dunn-Edwards Paints Difference
Dunn-Edwards’ Fall Foliage (DE5257) is composed of the highest-quality paint trusted by both design experts and painting professionals. Dunn-Edwards is committed to bringing you the freshest paint colors for commercial, residential, and exterior uses. If you need a little help envisioning it in your space download our Insta-Color® app and with a click you can upload a photo from your personal library or choose one from ours to give your space an instant paint job. Curious about other fall or Halloween design trends? Check out the latest here!

All photography by STRUKTR Studios