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NeoCon 2015: Technology and LED Systems

Design Trends

Technology integration was one of the hot buzz topics for NeoCon 2015, showing in an abundance of new and innovative product lines. Included in these collections was the latest use of LED technology to further enhance the workplace lighting experience. Here are the highlights from several notable standouts.

SIXINCH North America Grove Lilly Solar Shade with integrated solar components. Grove is a collection of all-weather surfaces and seating to augment almost any work or on the go environment.


LumiSource,LLC - The Spyra Bar Set adds a colorful twist to the party with a glowing table top and chairs and features clear acrylic that glows.


Sensitile Systems

- Wing Light Fixture - using their popular Lumina light reactive panels, WING combines elegance and efficiency. Powered by LED strips, WING extends light into the physical realm while requiring little energy and maintenance.


- celeste™ is a fully customizable canvas that allows logos, text and shapes to appear magical and "infinite", using LEDs or even daylight.


- Spark is a revolutionary material that transforms a single energy efficient LED light source into an entire surface within which thousands of points of light appear to seemingly float.


Slyde Charging Solutions

The Slyde Charging Drawer is a drawer that simultaneously stores, charges and secures devices, with nearly universal workstation installation capabilities.


The Touchdown Charging Locker is a convenient and sleek storage locker offering optimal security for electronic devices and valuables.


Stir – The Stir Kinetic Desk M1 is a height-adjustable desk driven by software that senses your presence, learns your preferences, enables you to set goals and reminds you to change positions.



Tarkett North America - Safe-T-First System utilizes photo luminescent technology, and provides an escape route system through emergency egress stairwells and hallways that may go dark in the event of power outages.


Sandler Seating – Nomado is an innovative portable desk system with fold down work tops and shelves. It's fully wired with electrical outlets, integral LED lighting and storage space for desk access


CP Furniture Systems Inc - The chilled water film in the new CP climate wall has a variety of advantages for a completely new, clean way to cool rooms in a healthy and energy-efficient manner


Sonic Wall Smart Curved is a movable stand-alone wall with integrated technology such as a curved LED-monitor up to 78’’ Touch screen and wireless-communication-modules.


Images courtesy NeoCon