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March Color of the Month: Sprig of Mint (DE5675)

Design Trends

Why Sprig of Mint is March’s Color of the Month

We’re talking about our latest color of the month. When it comes to March, we’re looking at a transitional month that bridges two distinct seasons. One day can be cold, icy and wet, and another can be lit with warm bursts of sunshine. In the West, March ushers in rain and brings soil back to life again, allowing the landscape to glow with a verdant hue. All of which makes Sprig of Mint (DE5675), a jovial light green paint color, the ideal color focus on this month.


Last March, we highlighted our 2020 Color of the Year Minty Fresh, a delightfully light shade of green with just enough saturation to make a bold, yet soothing statement. One year later, we’re highlighting a different kind of mint; one that packs a punch with a slightly deeper shade of mint green, one infused with lime green undertones. Sprig of Mint is featured in our 2021 color + design trend story Hanabi. Hanabi is a palette filled with pastel hues that are inventive, light-hearted, and laid-back. Sprig of Mint is crisp and refreshing, like bright green mint that reminds us of the whimsy and excitement of childhood days spent at the ice cream shop.

A Resurgence of Pastel Perfection

Pastel hues are always go-to shades for spring, but they’ve seen a resurgence of late, across fashion, interior design and popular culture. Look no further than the magnificently beautiful pastel lighting of last year’s film Emma or the costume design in Netflix’s breakout hit Bridgerton to know that frothy shades of mint, peach, yellow and blue are making their mark across all forms of media and design.


Designing with Mint Greens Colors

  • Make a statement in a bedroom or living room with Sprig of Mint on the walls but keep the ceiling and baseboards light in a complementary color like Glamour White (DEW348) or Studio White (DE6065).
  • Mints and sages are great options for exterior trim and door colors, especially on white or off-white Spanish style homes. In fact, see how Create & Cultivate Founder Jaclyn Johnson paired a misty green front door with her home’s off-white exterior.
  • Bring the outside in by using Sprig of Mint or similar mint tones inside an accessible dwelling unit in the backyard or sun room that opens to the outdoors.
  • Add some fun and light-heartedness into a mudroom with Sprig of Mint on the walls. Complement storage cubbies or hanging areas with a stately or fun floral wallpaper.

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