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March Color Of The Month: Minty Fresh (DE5687)

Design Trends

By March, we’ve had snow and sleet and gray rainy days, and although more of that weather might lie ahead, this month gives us a breath of life and sneak peek at spring. The beginning of spring brings flowers like tulips, hyacinth, anemones, and camellias peeking out of new green stems, while St. Patrick’s Day is in and of itself, an ode to all things green in honor of the Emerald Isle. March is an invigorating month in the calendar year, which is why March’s color of the month is Minty Fresh (DE5687). Minty Fresh not only captures the enthusiasm and optimism of a new season and new life, but of an entirely new decade as well, which is why Minty fresh doubles as our 2020 Color of the Year.


March’s color of the month, Minty Fresh, was also a key color in our 2020 color trends story “Free and Free,” which highlights movement in innovation, tranquility, and a desire for transparency, and was showcased at Modernism Week’s Fall Preview.


Boca Chica Hotel. Photography @ UNDINE PRÖHL

Mints in Modern Design
Mint hues were largely popular for decades, from the 1920s Art Deco period through the '50s, and so it’s a color as versatile as the design it highlights. It complements curves and feminine shapes as much as it looks great on the walls of an ice cream shop, or on a Mid-century home’s front door or even a breeze block wall.



We’ve seen how mint greens make hotels like Acapulco’s recently redesigned, Boca Chica, feel fresh. Also highlighted in spaces for children, mint green helps foster a comforting environment, providing a space conducive for exploration and curiosity. Scandinavian design studio Native Narrative Children’s Learning Center, located in the village of Danhug, Philippines, features and celebrates Minty Fresh.


Image use with permission from NATIVE NARRATIVE

The color of the month conveys the partnership between technology and nature. Applying hues of mint green in design creates balance between the two calming progressions rather than confusion or chaos. Creating calm in the chaos of the health and wellness world, Japanese design firm id incorporated Minty Fresh in their design for modern pharmacy Sumiyoshido Kampo Lounge.


Image used with permission from ID

Minty Fresh accomplishes three things at the same time it’s cooling to the eyes, energizing to the spirit, and light enough to be used as a neutral in design. Lighten the mood in a bedroom with Minty Fresh either on the walls or as trim around walls and baseboards. Make more of a statement when painting French doors, garden pots, patio sets or wooden furniture with the color. Couldn’t you just see a French curved-leg secretary desk painted in the cool hue?

If you’re digging the Minty Fresh vibe, you might also like similar and complementary colors in our 2020 color and design trend story Fresh and Free.


Mint Greens Trending Around The World
From furniture, to fashion, film and footwear, we continue to see hues of mint green make headlines around the world. French outdoor furniture maker Fermob, known for its modern and colorful outdoor pieces has, according to Business of Home, introduced a brand new color palette this year, which includes an emphasis on pastels, including an icy mint. In the world of fashion, Dezeen notes, menswear designer Harikrishnan’s billowing latex trousers graced the runway at the London College of Fashion Design in a limited palette that included white, brick red, forest and mint greens.

Further, we see the impact of this color of the month in the newest incarnation of Jane Austen’s classic Emma which recently hit theaters. Variety says, the film’s production designer, Kave Quinn, used hues of mint green with other pastels pale pink and yellow to illustrate Emma’s cool and breezy attitude. Additionally, footwear manufacturers Nike and New Balance, and French shoemaker HOKA One are all set to release mint green versions of some of their most popular sneaker models this spring.

As showcased by recent design decisions across industries and around the world, 2020 is the year of mint green. And there’s no better time to get acquainted with this color than March. Dunn-Edwards Paints is trusted by designers and paint professionals alike, and is committed to providing you with only the best quality paint. Try our InstaColor® app to get preview of Minty Fresh by giving your space an virtual paint makeover. Just upload a photo from your library, or use one from ours, to give your space an instant paint makeover!