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Influential Colors of the New Year

Design Trends

After careful examination of color trends in modern fashion, lifestyle and culture, we are confirming our forecasts for the influential paint hues that will be popular in home design this year. Roses and pinks will continue to be influential, becoming more sophisticated and less juvenile. This has been observed with the soft blushing pinks infused in recent fashion, makeup and even automotive design. Minimal Rose (DE 5015) is a playful and modern pink that pairs well with other pastels for a retro vibe. Another harmonious pairing is with blues and grays for a Scandinavian influence. Try rose pink with a warm neutral for a traditional, more vintage color palette.

Pink decor

Outdoor decor

Several companies that predicted which color will be hot in 2016 also chose a color in the pink family, including Pantone. We see beyond a single “color of the year” however, believing that the combination of hues tell the story. It’s about the entire palette and how a collection of colors evokes a feeling, an era or a scene. Other colors that will be influential in home design include:

  • Reds leaning darker toward burgundy and Bordeaux
  • Oranges trending toward grapefruit, bright corals and softened peach tones
  • Yellow taking on acidity with greenish tones
  • Prevalent blues like turquoise, deep indigo, navy and periwinkle
  • Warm neutrals moving toward infusions of coffee, caramel, chocolate and honey
  • Cool neutrals that show colored grays, with blendings of green, blue or smoke
  • Newest neutrals are warm with undertones of red, earthy hues

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Trendy pairings include:

  • Fresh and fruity pastel combinations
  • Deep blues contrasted by stark whites for a classic, modern palette
  • Expect more rainbow coloring, color blocking, flecked and speckled coloring, as well as abundant florals

Beach colors

Eggs colors

To read more in-depth reporting on our 2016 Color+Design trends report launched last June 2015, click here.