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In Living Color: Why This Factory Is San Francisco’s Newest Hot Spot

Artistic Inspiration

Nearby San Francisco’s Union Square there lies a 12,000 square foot, two-story pop-up experience that is capturing the attention of virtually all color enthusiasts. At Dunn-Edwards we consider ourselves the ultimate color enthusiasts and love sharing inspiring color stories you. This one — San Francisco’s Color Factory — might just be the most colorful story yet.


What Is Color Factory?
Color Factory is the brainchild of Jordan Ferney, founder of design + lifestyle site and online party store Oh Happy Day, artist Leah Rosenberg, and designer Erin Jang. Together, the trio has built a truly unique and memorable experiential look at color and material. The massive warehouse features 15 site-specific works by artists and collaborators: Jacob Dahlgren, Tom Stayte, Geronimo Balloons, Tosha Stimage, Andrew Neyer and Andy J. Miller, Jessica Hische, Carissa Potter, Randi Brookman Harris, Stanton Jones, Leah Rosenberg, and Erin Jang.


What Will You See At Color Factory?
Some of the most notable highlights of the exhibit include a 2,000 square foot yellow ball pit filled with
207,000 balls, a seven-foot lazy susan, and a confetti room where visitors can quite literally experience the inside of a rainbow snow globe. Visitors can also walk through a grid with 10,000 hanging ribbons and check out a holographic prism room. These are only a fraction of the amazing works Color Factory has to offer.

What Is The Idea Behind Color Factory?
Color Factory was built as a way for Oh Happy Day to interact with their audience in new ways; to have people explore color in a three-dimensional, multi-sensory way - something that goes beyond a static Instagram photo. In fact, each installation within Color Factory was required to be experiential, photogenic, and conceptual. The goal of each piece is to convey a deeper concept. The ball pit, for example, celebrates the color yellow as an homage to Color Factory Founder Jordan Ferney’s late father who loved the color so much he wore it virtually every day of his life.


In addition to the exhibit housed within the warehouse, Color Factory has curated a map of 17 specially-commissioned color experiences located throughout San Francisco. For Color Factory’s creators creating a lasting experience, one that extends the user’s experience beyond the walls of the exhibition itself, is key.



The exhibit runs through Aug. 31st and is open daily except Wednesday, from 10 AM-10 PM. To visit Color Factory and learn more go to

All images courtesy of Color Factory