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Highland Park Guest Bedroom Takes Visitors on a Journey

Design Trends

What better way to welcome guests into your home than by telling them a story? Steven Miller’s latest interior design project — his own guest bedroom redesign in Los Angeles’ Highland Park neighborhood — incorporates thrift finds, textiles, art and other collectibles that serve as reminders of where the designer and his partner have been. Inside, guests become immersed in their travels, both near and far.



After images of room

“These items speak to us, reminding us of who we are, where we’ve been, and sometimes reinforcing who we’d like to be,” says Miller, who heads up Sub Folk Collective. The mix of neutrals, textured fabrics and greenery give the space an inviting feel. There’s something to examine in every corner of the room, and each item has significance for the couple, with the process of bringing together a collective aesthetic in the home they now shared together.



Before images of room

For Miller it all started with the room’s color. “When styling a small room, like an office or guest bedroom, you want to use bright, light colors to make the space feel big and open.” He first used Dunn-Edwards Ultra-Grip interior primer to create a clean slate. He took the previously dark bedroom and reinvigorated it. Not only has he told a story through the room’s design elements but he’s invited in natural light and a fresh coat of paint to make the space a welcoming sanctuary.



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A main focal point in the bedroom are the gallery walls, something that brings Miller joy. The collection of art has been curated over time, and also includes original work by Miller’s partner. In order to make the pieces stand out and the small space feel airy and open, he chose a cool neutral in Dunn-Edwards Ultra-Grip Frostbite (DE6274). The soft grey makes “my art with white frames pop,” he says. For the trim, Miller used Armored Steel (DE6279) to bring really contrast against the wall color and bring Frostbite to life. When it came to choosing Dunn-Edwards paint, Miller loves how incredibly forgiving the paint is, “you could just clean anything off of it, as a DIY type of guy — learning as I go learning as I go — you’re gonna want some forgiveness.”



after images of room

The guest room was the first completed project and set the tone for the couple’s home redesign. And Miller notes how the space was an ideal starting space to blend his and his partners styles. “As an interior designer, my favorite challenge — both personally and with clients — is to organize collections and show a space that reflects the people living in it.”

“After” images by Jessica Moncrief and courtesy of Steven Miller. “Before” images by Steven Miller.