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Extreme Odyssey Hotel Focus: Ion City Hotel

Continuing with our Color Trends 2019, we are focusing on designs that explore the color and design of the "Extreme Odyssey" Trend. Designs within realm attempt to address the influences of technology, context and vernaculars on architecture, and challenge conventional architectural practice and explore original paths of thought and develop innovative design tools and methodologies.


Ion City Hotel Corridor

The Ion City Hotel combines modern design with Nordic charm for an accommodation that design lovers and jet-setters would both appreciate. Designed by architecture studio MINARC, the property features 18 rooms and suites, with interiors that make subtle references to Icelandic design. The color palette of grays, whites and blacks mimics the surrounding glaciers and lava fields of Iceland. The hallways that lead to the guest rooms are also inspired by the countryside’s rugged terrain, with cuts of light illuminating the way for guests making their way to their rooms.


Guest Room

North-facing rooms have window seats that are blue, referencing the ocean, while south-facing rooms have red window seats, referencing the metal roofs that color the city’s skyline. The rooms are also furnished with furniture and decor that showcase Iceland’s proud design heritage, like chairs by iconic Icelandic designer Sveinn Kjarval and blankets by MINARC inspired by traditional weaving techniques.



For those who opt for the Junior Suite, a balcony with a private sauna awaits you after a day of traveling and exploring.


Hotel Reception

MINARC also designed other furniture and fixtures around the public areas of the hotel, including a bird’s nest-inspired chandelier that hangs above the reception desk, the Dropi metal chair that suspends from the ceiling and formed in the shape of a teardrop, and the seemingly-tilted XitTable that sits next to the Dropi.
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All Photographs Used with Permission. Photograph @ Art Gray