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Extreme Odyssey: A Spirited Journey through 2019 color+design

Design Trends

“I took the one less traveled by, and that has made all the difference.” — Robert Frost

An appreciation for the past with an excitement for what lies ahead.

Introducing Spirited Journeys, our 2019 color+design trends. 2019 takes us on journeys of fresh and inspiring ideas on color and design trends. Journeys that transport us back in time, convey graceful formalities and eclectic designs, highlight continued developments in technologies, and promote playful moments. From romantic steps back in time, to infusions of natural and digital inspiration, to the extreme limits of design, these trends display a range of color and design expressions.

Spirited Journeys

Extreme Odyssey

Our first story, called Extreme Odyssey, is inspired by embracing visionary experimentation with influences of exploration to the furthest reaches of sea and sky. Innovations in architecture and design embrace a minimalist or dreamlike and surreal aesthetic.

Materials and textures are worn by time and weather with oxidized textures in colored neutrals on textiles,
metals, wood and ceramics. Ultralight lace, chiffon, tulle, glazed voile, tech netting, perforations, aluminum, tin, wired glass and textured metal add layers to the Extreme Odyssey.

Artic ice look, Transparent, Glossy, Frosty, Crystal



Textures are random with pearly reflections, heathered material, and used and oxidized effects on strong
natural materials or innovative tech fabrics. Dust and particles effects — heathered or grainy surfaces, such as matcha tea or copper powder — capture the influences of outer space exploration. Neo-camouflage
effects — natural processes or fabrication techniques generating random and decorative motifs like gold specked, flocking, speckled eggs — add luminous details. Seaweed and oyster shell colors and textures, such as pearly or greenish reflections, provide luster.

Random textures, Pearls, Ocean inspired, Reflections, Glowing

Closeup of abalone shell

Silhouette patterns of octopus, fish, skin, scales and other deep-sea motifs, as well as decorative micro-textures, form stories of deep-sea exploration. Meanwhile, arctic ice looks — blurred transparent, glassy, frosty, mineral glossy, vapor, rock crystal — provide backdrops to the visions of outer space. Graphics infuse industrial gray tones, marine ink tones, patinated, torn, brushed, eroded, dark glowing effects, micro-wefts, perforations, heathered and felted textures, blurred effects and composite materials.

Delicate, Digital meets organic, Wooden neutrals

A frozen waterfall with ice

The color palette emphasizes the blending of complex textures with shades of deep-sea hues and space-age dark matter; parallel paths of nature and technology weave the palette — orphic, mysterious and entrancing,
and beyond normal understanding.

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All images by Dunn-Edwards or used with permission