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Exterior Color Palette Trends and Ideas for 2021

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As summer is soon upon us and many will stay close to home the next few months, home projects continue to be high priority. And as part of the research in color and design, trends in exterior color palettes provide added inspiration. Here are several exterior color palette ideas for 2021 based on trending ideas in architecture and design:

Warm Whites
As the warming of color continues to trend, this trend also includes whites. Warm whites pair well with the wood and rock prevalent in many architectural styles and blend in among the natural surrounding landscape.


Cadman project in ALMOND MILK (DEHW01) by the Raskinds. Photo Credit: Bethany Nauert Photography

Pale Grays and Mineral Grays
There has been a sharp decline over the past couple years in designs with the use of gray, however, pale and mineral grays and grays with green undertones are starting to trend again as balancing hues to the abundance of warm hues currently in design, as well as ties to nature’s influence. These grays also work well with wood, rock and metal accents dotting trending exterior architecture.


color match Front Home: Body - DE6279 Armored Steel. Trim - DEW380 Warm White

Beige and Tans
As we’ve mentioned, the warming of color continues, and this includes a full palette of tans and beiges. Comfortable and calming, with infusions of nature ever present, this set of hues is classic and will work with a wide variety of architectural styles.


color match. Body lateral siding and Garage - DET632 Flour Sack. Trim - DE6112 Cedar Chest. Vertical siding and front door - DE6205 Stucco Tan


color match. body and garage - DE6068 Cobblestone Path. Trim - DE6163 melted wax

Pale and Midtone Blues and Greens
Coastal cottage or mountain retreat, traditional or modern — pale and midtone blues and greens provide inspiration as accents or full body hues. Consider these hues as part of the trend of the need for calm, reflection and restoration.


color match. body - det562 salt box blue. trim - dew390 first snow


color match. body - det501 catalina green. trim - det675 pueblo white

Dark Brown
Deep and dark hues add drama to any setting and for exteriors, this is no exception. Dark browns make architectural statements but can also help to blend the home into the natural surroundings, especially when
designing in a mountainous setting.



Dark Gray and Black
Dark grays and blacks have seen a dramatic increase in exterior use in recent years and this trend shows no sign of slowing down. Much like dark brown, the range of dark grays and blacks can make a statement or
provide a blending element to the architecture.


color match. body - dea002 black.


color match. body - de6385 black bean

Two Body Colors
Ranch homes and farmhouse architectural styles highlight this trend in highlighting two main body colors, rather than just the traditional one. Designs using two body colors create dimension to architecture, highlighting interesting features that may otherwise recede into the background.


color match. dehw08 classic white and dea002 black


color match. stucco body - dec761 cochise. gray wood siding - det620 barnwood gray

Dark and Navy Blues
Some classics never fully go out of style. Blues are continuing to trend up as our 2021 Color of the Year highlights. But for exteriors, darker blues push forward as calming, tranquil additions to the expanding neutral palettes.


color match. body - de5901 ocean night. trim - dew380 warm white