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Echo Park Guest Bedroom Invites Light and Creative Energy

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How Sub Folk Collective Designs With Paint
When house guests come to visit the new home of Sub Folk Collective’s Steven Miller in Los Angeles’s Echo Park neighborhood, he’ll offer them more than just a spare bed to crash in. The guest bedroom in his Spanish bungalow tells a story of who he is as a creative person. Alongside a fresh coat of paint, It features carefully curated art and inviting textured bedding. “I wanted to share my life,” says Miller.

Guest Bedroom

Guest Bedroom design

Prior to the revamp, the room featured a dull yellow paint scheme, Miller describes as outdated and light-sucking. Given the rooms large windows and french doors, which lead onto a balcony, Miller wanted to use Dunn-Edwards paint to really bring in the room’s ample natural light. “I wanted this guest bedroom to really stand out from the rest of the house, make it feel really special,” says Miller.

working on Guest Bedroom design

creative working on bedroom

Before shots. Photo Credit: Steven Miller

Miller started with this room because he believes in working on smaller rooms, such as a breakfast nook, guest bedroom, or office, to help figure out how the overall home design should flow.

working on guest bedroom stepsBefore shot. Photo Credit: Steven Miller

Choosing The Right Paint Product
One of his main goals was to bring in more natural light. So, Miller first used Dunn-Edwards EVEREST Zero VOC paint line to get rid of the darker, yellow tones. To create a crisp, bright space, he used Cascading White (DEW394) on the walls and Muslin (DE6227) on the room’s trim.

cascading White on the walls

bedroom design: cascading white

“I used a darker trim to give the idea of the space feeling larger,” Miller explains. The darker trim, he notes, is also a design choice he feels suites an older home such as this. This is the second guest bedroom Miller designed using Dunn-Edwards paints. His Highland Park home featured Frostbite (DE6274) and Armored Steel (DE6279).

guest bedroom Miller

bedroom designed using Dunn-Edwards paints

As for what’s ahead for Sub Folk Collective, Miller says he wants to focus on vacation rentals and design spaces for all kinds of guests.

All “After” images courtesy of Marni Epstein-Mervis