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Designing Cutting Edge Spaces: Highlights From Las Vegas Market Winter 2019

Design Trends

The Winter 2019 Las Vegas Market was five days of cutting-edge discoveries in furniture, bedding, lighting, flooring, and home décor spread across three buildings and another three pavilions. There was no shortage of decor to see or trends to spot.

What Colors Are Trending For Interiors?

We mentioned in our preview of the market to look out for bold statements. That means daring colors; and perhaps it’s no surprise to see rust given the fact that shelter publications like Lonny have declared 2019 as the year all things Art Deco return. Colors like the assertive rust tones seen throughout showrooms here (and other jewel tones) are a clear representation of the trend.

Art Deco return

Art Deco return2

The drama continued with similar bold tones. Decor and accents in mustard also had a significant presence at the event. The color was a trend that we saw really emerge in a big way in 2018 from fashion runways, to Pinterest’s reported 45% uptick in “mustard interiors” searches last year.

Millennial Pink
We’ve explored the staying power and appeal of Millennial Pink and while some prognosticators have finally predicted its decline, if what we saw at Las Vegas Market is any indication, the color may just hang around a bit longer. Whether it was wall color, seen here in the CosmoLiving (a furniture and lifestyle brand from the eponymous magazine), or seating options, Millennial Pink’s presence at the show was still felt.

>Millennial Pink's presence

Favorite Fabrics and Material For 2019

If there’s a common theme in the above photos (aside from colors), it’s fabric. Luxe velvet was everywhere at Las Vegas Market this season! As trends move away from minimalism, comfort and over-the-top luxury are moving into the spotlight making velvet an ideal fabric.

Velvet trend

Travel has inspired decor trends. Mudcloth, the cotton fabric from the West African country of Mali was prominent at Las Vegas Market. It appeared in indigo as well as more intricate patterns and showcased across everything from pillows to throws.

Mudcloth's presence

Highlights from Las Vegas market

Rattan was another worldly trend at the market. The woven material could be seen in everything from decorative accents and shelving, to chairs and bed frames. No longer exclusively for outdoor or summer use, rattan seen at the Market provides an upscale, bohemian design solution. This trend also highlights the emphasis on natural materials we discussed in our Market preview.

Rattan trend

Rattan trend 2

Rattan trend 3

Decor Trends To Love
Avian & Floral Patterned Wallpaper

Be it peacocks or other dignified winged creatures, birds were a featured of wallpapers at Las Vegas Market.

Floral Patterned Wallpaper

Floral Patterned Wallpaper2

Industrial, Durable, Utilitarian
Steamer trunks, steampunk accents and Edison bulbs, and Alcatraz-inspired furniture. These pieces represent a heavier, darker aesthetic than we’ve seen in recent years. They are a clear shift from the airy functionality of Scandinavian-inspired furniture which has for so long dominated design trends.

Industrial Durable Utilitarian trend

Industrial Durable Utilitarian trend2