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Delta H Design, Inc.: Innovating the Sights and Sounds of Design

Painting Green

In a waterfront studio in the beautiful city of Marina del Rey, Calif., an eclectic collection of acoustic sounds reverberates throughout the space. Welcome to Delta H Design, Inc., the creation of inventor and acoustician Hanson Hsu, who spent years in the music and film industries before embarking on a new challenge of starting his own architecture and design firm.

Delta H Design Inc. (DHDI) is a multi-disciplinary firm that specializes in acoustical consulting and product design with its ZR Acoustics® panel line, as well as design and architecture throughits Nomad Arc™ business. With Hsu’s expertise in Pro Audio and time spent in the music and film industries, it was a necessary challenge to keep expanding on these foundations. The firm consults for the music, television, film, home theater, gaming and Internet industries around the world. The ZR devices are unique in that they are designed to quantize air molecules which controls the sound. The panels come in several directions in three families of products: Micro, Sample Rate and Hybrid Technologies. One of the amazing results is that any engineer or musician can have their home studio create world-class recordings, instead of renting out large studio spaces at great expense. These panel installations also allow the freedom to work on audio projects anywhere in the world with the use of ZR.

Hybrid Studios Live Room

Hybrid Studios Live Room. Photo courtesy DHDI.

Nomad Arc Inc, a separate entity of DHDI, focuses on affordable, high-end and transportable prefabricated home and commercial spaces. These modules are reuseable, allowing the owner to travel and live anywhere. Designed with clean, contemporary lines and thoughtful details throughout, the modules come in 1,920- and 3,691-square-foot options, as well as neutral colors that allow for dressing large-scale walls. Dunn-Edwards — with its lines of paint and color — is proud to partner with Nomad Arc. And, using the latest in technology and acoustical engineering, Nomad Arc provides cutting-edge design for modern, high-end, discriminating clientele.

1397774155 PRINT221 final

1397774158 PRINT 191 final

Private residence designed by DHDI. Photo courtesy of DHDI/Nomad Arc Inc.

The Creative Process

Hsu and his team of architects, engineers and inventors create a think tank of ever-flowing ideas. Never one to stop thinking, Hsu is always researching and designing at both work and play. As a fan of Steve Jobs, he
believes there should always be a desire to do better and challenge oneself daily, as well as a freedom to control the ideas to ensure inspiring end results.

Discussing the creative process, Hsu discussed how his thoughts are translated to his dedicated team as he visualizes more and draws less these days. Hsu said, “In relaying my ideas to the team, I draw, of course, and we have an extensive library of drawings to reference, as well as numerous older journals of mine to reference. My team is very in tune to what I'm looking for, which catalyzes the creative process, matching things just flow smoothly.”

6 Slideshow axonometric

Axonometric Drawing of Nomad Arc Process. Drawing courtesy DHDI/Nomad Arc.

4 Slideshow 1st floor

Drawing of Nomad Arc First Floor Plan. Drawing courtesy Nomad Arc.

5 Slideshow 2nd floor

Drawing of Nomad Arc Second Floor Plan. Drawing courtesy Nomad Arc.

The Work

The ZR Acoustics® line is available to order direct through its website, although DHDI often works directly with customers on many larger-scale projects, such as the recently completed Yahoo recording studio in Playa Vista, Calif. DHDI is also continually working with newer technologies and materials to revamp the product lines in keeping with the latest in innovative techniques.

GlausHaus Studio Live Room

GlassHaus Studio Live Room. Photo courtesy DHDI

GlausHaus Studio Control Room

GlassHaus Studio Control Room. Photo courtesy DHDI.

Nomad Arc will see its first prefab client construction build complete in early 2017. With this project, along with several others in the near future, Hsu foresees larger-scale uses of these structures in new areas
— from the Olympics where short-term athletic housing is needed, to dense urban areas in which multi-family units are prevalent.

1 Slideshow Nomad Arc 3

2 Slideshow Nomad Arc 1

3 Slideshow Nomad Arc 2

To learn more about Delta H Design, visit:

All images and drawings used with permission.