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December Color of the Month: Gingerbread House

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There may be a chill in the December air, however, this month also evokes feelings of warmth. People are coming together to celebrate the close of the year with friends and family. Holiday parties and home gatherings allow us to connect more often than we might during the busy year. The bonding, along with the bountiful desserts that are inevitably served along with it, leaves us feeling both warm and fuzzy.

December Holidays

For the month of December we’ve selected Gingerbread House (DE5334) as our Dunn-Edwards Color of the Month. The deep golden yellow embodies the feelings of warmth and happiness that come from being able to unwind and spend the holidays with people we love. Not to mention the fact that the color is also remarkably close to that of gingerbread cookies when they’re baked to perfection.

Gingerbread House (DE5334)

Yellow is often associated with happiness or optimism, and even the more subtle hues, like this color of the month, have the power to imbue a room an optimistic mood. Sure, it’s not the vibrant Gen Z Yellow, but Gingerbread House no doubt gives off positive vibes.

Gingerbread House

The paint provides the perfect backdrop for holiday colors and décor, but it’s also a color that has year-round staying power.

Designing with Golden Yellows

  • Gingerbread House yellow with deep orange undertones provides a rich neutral color, perfect to fill an entire room, not just an accent wall. Use it as the main color in a living or dining room to create a cozy, rustic feeling this holiday season.
  • To create a dramatically luxe look, take a note from our 2019 Country Caper color story and pair this dark golden hue with rich, vivid green tones, royal blues and tender purples.
  • In fact, purple tones are an ideal contrast to Gingerbread House. Whether they're the tender tones mentioned above or rich purples for added opulence.
  • To create a calming effect, pair this with more muted yellows and crisp whites.
  • Colors that complement Gingerbread House are Gardenia (DEW337) and Particular Mint (DE6269).
  • Give golden yellow a rustic, natural aesthetic by using it with stone accents and wood floors.
Gingerbread cookies

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