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Color of the Month: Green Tourmaline DET524

Design Trends

Why It’s Our Color Of The Month


Photo Credit: STRUKTR Studios

April’s Color of the Month is Green Tourmaline (DET524). April is innately identified with spring, making Green Tourmaline one of the hottest paint colors for the season. Spring conjures the thought of blossoming flowers and trees getting their green back. That is why spring is the perfect time for a interior paint color that also says “renewal” - and elicits that serene feeling often found in nature. An interior paint like Green Tourmaline is the perfect spring accent to any room.

The History of Green Tourmaline
Green Tourmaline is a brightly colored gem. It was originally found in Sri Lanka and later exported to Europe. Tourmaline is a gem that comes in a vast assortment of colors but Green Tourmaline, in particular, gained its popularity in 1876 when it was first sold at Tiffany & Company. Tourmaline was also frequently used by chemists in the 19th century to polarize light due to the gem’s unique optic axis.


Photo Credit: STRUKTR Studios

Using This Color With Interiors

Dunn Edwards Green Tourmaline (DET524) is recommended as an interior-only paint color. One of the many great things about this color is the great energy and happy mood it cultivates. This unique hue of green is bold, yet subdued. As a part of Dunn-Edwards’ Then, Now & Forever ® paint collection, this color green is perfect for virtually any design style, whether it be traditional, contemporary, or modern.


Photo Credit: STRUKTR Studios

  • When using Green Tourmaline (DET524) in a traditional home, try using pops of white, like Cool December (DEW383), to create beautiful lines and contrast. Additionally, this color can also be paired with varying hues of browns, beiges, and grays for a more muted color palette that creates a formal ambiance. Colors like Warm and Toasty (DET646) make an ideal pairing.
  • For contemporary and modern interiors, navy, pink or coral hues, and yellows make great accent colors.
  • Green Tourmaline (DET524) also complements the recent tropical palm frond motif trend. Whether you’re looking to convey fun and flirty, or sophisticated and formal, this Color of the Month is versatile enough to do either. That is why Green Tourmaline (DET524) is one of the this year’s trending paint colors.


Photo Credit: Dunn-Edwards Paints

Dunn-Edwards Green Tourmaline (DET524) is composed of the highest quality paint trusted by both design experts and painting professionals. Dunn-Edwards is committed to bringing you the freshest paint colors for commercial, residential, and exterior uses. Get ahead of this color trend, use our InstaColor ® app to see what your walls will look like in Green Tourmaline (DET524) right now! Just upload a picture or choose one from our library, then give it a paint job.