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Color Creates Permanent Vacation Vibes In This Home’s Bedrooms

Design Trends

Songwriter and stylist Katie Mack recently gave her home a vivid transformation with Dunn-Edwards Paints. “I honestly think Dunn-Edwards has the best color selection out there” says Mack. Mack used the wide color selection to redesign her and her husband’s master bedroom as well her son’s bedroom, turning each one into its own oasis.

Bedroom Before


Her master bedroom “had boring white walls that were pretty dull,” says Mack. She tried adding art and shelves with plants, but she never really felt happy with it. “There wasn’t a lot of warmth to the space,” she adds.

Her goal with the redesign was to create a space that felt truer to herself and her husband. She decided that she wanted to bring in some color that would add warmth and feel happy and romantic.

Bedroom After


Picking a paint color was her first step. She decided on a shade of peach and after a lengthy search process, found her perfect match in Coral Bisque (DE5177). Mack notes the color not only adds warmth but evokes romance as well. She then found wallpaper to pair with it, and she couldn’t have been happier with the outcome.

KM After Beddroom

The addition of Dunn-Edwards Coral Bisque completely changed the ambiance of the room, and according to Mack, also makes the space feel larger than before. Mack’s home is also serious #plantgoals. So when it came to the bedroom’s color, she knew it had to pair well with all her greenery. “Green and peach are one of my favorite color combos! It adds a tropical feel to the room that I love. It feels like I’m on vacation in my own home,” says Mack.

KM After Bedroom

Mack and her husband aren’t the only ones in who may feel like their on vacation in their own home. Their son Sebastian could claim that as well. His jungle-themed room also exudes adventure. To makeover Sebastian’s room, Mack chose a paint color to match the room’s mural, it’s focal point.

Contrast to the black, leafy green mural

PALM LEAF (DE5508) provides contrast to the black, leafy green mural.

Diagonal pattern

As a twist, Mack painted only half this wall in a diagonal pattern. A technique that provides a fun geometric element to the room, which also helps in keeping the space open and airy.

Katie Mack’s Tips and Tricks

  • Kate went with a flat paint because it applies smoothly and is also washable.
  • Flat paint also provides great coverage and texture.
  • The painting process can be messy so it’s important to properly tape your space and cover floors.
  • An effective way to get an even coat of paint is to use a large roller on the main areas and an angled brush for the sides and corners.

Creating a space that actually makes you want to spend time in it should be a must for every home. Dunn-Edwards Paints has endless choices of interior and exterior paints to best highlight your space. Now, it’s easier than ever to realize your dream space by downloading our Dunn-Edwards Insta-Color® app. Upload a photo from your personal library or choose one from ours, to give your space an instant paint job.