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Building A Room Around Fall Colors

Design Trends

Fall is right around the corner and with the shift in weather comes a shift in mood as well. That’s why we’re exploring some of the hottest colors for fall 2018. It’s time to start toning down the summer décor and preparing for the holidays with a more grounded palette.

Now, that’s not to say you can’t keep it colorful — quite the opposite actually. In fact, if you’ve checked out our 2019 trends "Spirited Journeys" you know that no matter the season, Dunn-Edwards always has the latest trending colors on the brain. But when it comes to fall 2018, these hottest colors will allow for an easy transition from summer to the new season.

We’ve created a fall color palette that can be beautifully incorporated into your revamped fall space with ease. In this palette, we’re using the September Color of the Month Pencil Eraser (DE6024) as a jumping off point. With school back in session, and all things Millennial Pink edging closer toward soft lilacs, how could this perfect warm neutral with mauve undertones not be the perfect place to begin our fall palette?


This fall palette includes: Deep Reservoir (DE5874), Admiral Blue (DE5887), Deep Crimson (DEA152), Pencil Eraser (DE6024), Travertine (DEC738) and Soft Ivory (DE6155).

  • Velvet pillows are a great way to add luxe textures and current fall décor trends to a space without a huge commitment.
  • Swapping out a summer art for a minimalistic leaf print, or placing a leaf-inspired dish on an entryway table to catch keys are simple ways to incorporate the season without going overboard.
  • Get creative with florals. In fall, less can be more, and field fresh finds will help bring the season indoors. Seating arrangements, a hanging chair or colorful folding chairs can add function and form.
  • Pendant lights in warm neutral with gold accents make a space feel rich yet whimsical.

Pencil Eraser, a more mauve-toned pink is September’s Color of the Month and ties this fall color palette together, with its optimistic outlook. Blue tones cultivate feelings of calm and serenity, and also pair well with the potential rainy days which lay ahead. The deep red tones, which may remind us of some of our favorite back to school reads, conjure feelings of love and strength; emotions that ring true as we congregate with the
family back indoors and look towards the coming holidays.


September Color of the Month PENCIL ERASER (DE6024)

Changing your current décor or transitioning into a different season doesn’t have to be stressful or a big production. There are simple changes you can make to accomplish incorporating the hottest colors for fall 2018. One of our favorite ways to make an easy yet impactful change is by using paint. Paint is an easy, quick, and cost-effective way to completely transform a space. And just remember when it comes to fall colors, even they have year-round stay power.

We hope that you feel inspired to get going on your fall projects and if you would like to explore even more color palettes, you can order up to 100 free samples which will allow you to mix and match paint chips or you can use our Insta-Color® app, choose a photo from your library or choose one of ours to give your space an instant paint job!