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Best Brown Colors for Your Bohemian Design Style

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Bohemian design style is defined by a relaxed, carefree vibe and lack of structure. At the core of this aesthetic is layers of texture and color that is uniquely personal, combining objects, patterns and color that are globally-inspired and well-traveled. A truly visual feast!

Originally started in 19th-century Paris, France by a group of artists and nomads who sought creativity over monetary pursuits, the original bohemian ideal was born. And from this melding of ideas among various groups, a new interior design look was slowly created with no rules or structure, rather a unique style to cater to personal lifestyles and tastes.

Bohemian Design Aesthetic
Are there key components to create a bohemian style? While there's no hardcore set of rules, there are some materials, textures, colors and decorative objects that have become synonomous with bohemian design. Key characteristics to this style include:

  • Colors: Neutrals ranging from whites and warm neutrals to vibrant, jewel tone hues
  • Aesthetic: It's all about layering a variety of patterns and textures. There's no such thing as too much when it comes to bohemian design style.
  • Furnishings: Larger scale pieces are treasured finds and look for carved woods, butterfly and hanging chairs, rattan lounges, Moroccan poufs and peacock chairs to add to the carefree vibe.
  • Materials: A blend of high and low fabrics come together in the bohemian space including denim, leather, rattan, raffia, wood, lace and crochet
  • Metal Finishes: Antique brass and gold, silver and chrome, along with iron are all common in the bohemian space.
  • Decor and Accessories: Suited to personal style, the use of macrame, crochet, sculpture, pottery, rugs, quilts, wooden baskets, paintings, botanicals and vintage and flea market finds along with handmade pieces will all work perfectly within the space. Add artifacts from travels and plenty of throws and pillows for a finishing touch.

Bohemian Color
Color palettes for bohemian looks are eclectic, so a wide variety of palettes will work with the specific bohemian style you're leaning toward. Starting with a range of neutrals, pastels and rich earthy hues, balance both warm and cool tones, and then add commonly used bohemian colors including greens, grays, clay, mustard, peach, orange, lemon, teal, turquoise, ruddy red, bisque, rouge, plum and sapphire. The sky is the limit and layering to personal taste is key.

Bohemian Styles
There is a large range of bohemian styles and here are some of the most popular to inspire you on your journey to a bohemian oasis.

Romantic Bohemian
This style takes its key from fairytales and fantasy with crochet and lace, wispy white layers, beige and pastels. Wicker baskets, antique frames, slipcovers, vintage vases and botanicals are perfect for this space.




Hippie Bohemian
The hippie space is inspired by the original 60s and 70s designs with earthy autumnal palettes, leather, and macrame. Add lots of botanicals! The color palette includes rust, mustard, avocado, a range of deeper brown tones, with a cool balance of denim blue and gray.




Vibrant Bohemian
This energetic style takes on a more lush and vibrant range of colors to create a punchy space. A great look to experiment with bold color while keeping the other design elements in the room balanced and neutral. Add hammered or brushed metal, fringe lighting, natural woods and charcoal sketches to complete the design.




Moroccan Bohemian
The road to Morocco is paved with stone, marble and tile. Less focus is placed on wood and more on these hard surfaces for color inspiration. Walls can be white-washed or painted in more jewel tones and Mediterranean-inspired hues like cobalt, honey, emerald green or Moroccan red.




Downtown Bohemian
This masculine style is edgy with rougher textures, leather, worn wood, brick and stone. A darker palette is backed with metal and glass, black and white photography, as well as grunge and vintage touches for a sleek, downtown vibe.




English Country Bohemian
Rural fantasy and cottagecore take flight in this style with more texture and less pattern. Look to the English countryside for inspiration. Rough hewn woods, wool, rattan, straw and crochet are key, along with material layers of linen and cotton for a truly relaxing escape.




African Bohemian
Intricate black and white geometric patterns, woven baskets, pottery and aged woods create a base for a color palette of sunny yellow, sand, and earthy hues to complement this style.




Global Jetset Bohemian
This style highlights the personality of the global travel who has collected artifacts and artwork, bringing back stories of times spent in far-flung locations. The color palette takes inspiration from both east and west with an eclectic range of hues from amber tones, warm grays, browns, and reds. Vintage trunks, street art and fabric collections from flea market add dimension along with Moroccan tilework, zebra rugs and furnishings that are low to the ground.




Scandi Bohemian
Nordic influences continue to permeate all facets of design, including bohemian. Uncluttered spaces with simple lines, and lots of texture create the setting. As Scandinavian design embraces the notion of hygge, an embracing of comfort and coziness in design, look to elements that make the space a sanctuary. Less pattern and a restrained color palette of whites, grays, warm beiges and touches of nature green create a calm atmosphere.




Uptown Bohemian
This style leans to glamour with sleeker woods, lacquered accent furnishings, velvet, fur and cashmere fabrics, along with rich color as the backdrop to tie in the scene. To add to this cleaner style, add collected art, ceramics, seashells, and shiny metals for an uptown chic vibe.




The bohemian style is as simple or as complicated as you want it to be. Creating a space with this design aesthetic is all about freedom of expression. Learn more about how bohemian style works within the cottagecore and japandi design trends. And see how our influencer partner Rebecca Raskind created a home with an oasis of bohemian design elements. Lastly, read more about why Art and Craft (DET682) was chosen as our 2022 Color of the Year.