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Artist Renae Barnard's Eco-Conscious Exploration of Color

Artistic Inspiration

Los Angeles artist brings eco-consciousness to forefront with an inspirational palette of Dunn-Edwards’ non-toxic paints.

Living room Fatso

A large component of artist Renae Barnard’s work features an emphasis on eco-conscious — a theme that resonates throughout Barnard’s works like her photography, public art, sculpture and paintings. It’s no surprise then that when it comes to the colors for her works of art, the palettes also take inspiration from botanical and geological surroundings. In a recent showcase at her Los Angeles studio, Barnard displayed a series of sculptural paintings with just such a palette, paintings for which she utilized Dunn-Edwards paints. “I love Dunn-Edwards paints because they align with the eco-conscious focus of my art practice,” Barnard explains. “They are eco-friendly, non-toxic and do not off-gas.”

Renae Process Photos

Renae Barnard Studio

As a lover of the vibrant colors and textures found in nature, Barnard notes, the color choices for these particular works originated from the “saturated pinks and greens paired from my garden, or a swirling combination of lavender and amethyst hues sourced from my personal collection of minerals and gemstones.”

Renae process photos2

Her paintings are made from recycled materials from the furniture manufacturing industry. These include items such as such as foam and fabric scrap, all of which allow her to create the intricate and textured foundations upon which she paints. “I create my paintings horizontally, allowing for a more fluid and sculptural process [...] I combined hundreds of pounds of table salt with the paint. The salt draws moisture away from the pigment in an evaporative process, resulting in a crystalline-textured surface,” explains Barnard. She created the series over a period of three months, working her intricate painting process. “Each piece is constructed of multiple layers, each taking more than a week to dry. The lengthy dry time allows me to spread the workflow across multiple paintings at a time."

Renae Barnard painting1

Renae Barnard painting2

Barnard continues to share her work and explore color through curated art exhibitions and lectures, including a recent talk at the Textile Arts Summit at the historic Helms Bakery district, one of Los Angeles’ premiere design destinations. To learn more about Barnard, her upcoming work, and events check out her website at And to learn more about Dunn-Edwards selections of environmentally-conscious paints, VOC-free paints please visit us here.

All photos courtesy of Renae Barnard