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2015 LA Art Show

Artistic Inspiration


The 2015 LA Art Show 2015, which occurred at the Los Angeles Convention Center January 14-18, brought together the international art community for a grand scale event with eclectic artworks from around the world. Celebrating its twentieth anniversary, the show has blossomed from a small regional event into one of the largest and longest running fine art platforms, with more than 120 galleries representing 22 countries and an estimated 60,000 visitors. This year's show featured a diverse array of artistic genres, from fine art to street art and graffiti. Special exhibitions focused on international work, highlighting Chinese, Japanese and Korean contemporary art.

Sparking global art trends, the LA Art Show has consistently been a stomping ground for established artists, it is also a launching pad for emerging talent to showcase what's now and next in art. Three major trends through- out the show were the use of monochromatic colors, experimentation with a variety of media and materials to generate texture, and works that incorporate the illusion of movement. Here are some of the highlights of those trends.

AYYAM GALLERY, Various Locations
Artist: Athier Mousawi

Athier Mousawi is a British Iraqi visual artist whose work over recent years has centered on forming a visual narrative between the two contradicting concepts. Cosmic Fluid I displays an assembly of sections that are being pulled apart and reassembled simultaneously. The piece represents a kind of kinetic movement, merging both geometric and fluid structures and forming a messy yet harmonious entity. Visit for more information.

Artist: Peter Alexander

Peter Alexander, a member of the Light and Space artistic movement in southern California, is best known for his work with cast resin and polyurethane resin sculptures. With 3 Black Blue Bars, Peter explores issues of transparency, repetition and monochromatic color optics. From the viewers standpoint, the 3 slender bars also have the illusion of being out of focus against the stark white wall. For more information on the Peter Blake Gallery and Peter Alexander, visit

3 Black Blue Bars, 2014
77 x 6 1/2 x 1"

JACK RUTBERT FINE ARTS, Los Angeles California
Artist: Ruth Weisberg

Ruth Weisberg's dramatic, dreamlike lithographs and mixed media drawings and paintings resonate with a sense of the passage of time . Her distinctive strategies of using different medias add a tactility to each piece. As seen in Threshold, drawing remains the underpinning of her work, being used on an intimate and monumental scale. Visit for more information.

Threshold, 2004
Oil and Mixed Media on Unstretched Canvas
74 x 60 inches

Artist: Andrew Myers

Andrew Myers creates distinctively unique and realistic pieces with the use of thousands of screws. This series of portraits emphasize the interplay and contrast between light and shadow, creating a dynamic three-dimensional illusion. Each screw is manually placed (at varying lengths) and painted, thus treating each piece like a traditional sculpture. To learn more about Andrew Myers and the Lawrence J Cantor & Company gallery, visit

Topographical Facial Series, 2014
Mixed-Media: 981 individually hand-painted steel screwheads, oil, on wood panel.
12 x 12 inches


Artist: Seung Won Suh

Tansaekhwa refers to a of Korean monochrome painting and is one of the most famous and important artistic movements hailing from twentieth-century Asia. Consisting of sixteen paintings, the LA Art Show's special
exhibit, "Tansaekhwa I" was the first overview of this important genre. Seung Won Suh's Simultaneity features
overlapping squares in airy pastel colors softly tumbling across a monochromatic canvas. The geometries seem
to appear and disappear into the space, giving the piece a rhythmic quality.

Simultaneity, 1988
Oil on canvas
162 x 130 cm


Artist: Pascual Sisto

Relax Mobile Anxiety features two video projections that face each other in a darkened room. A never-ending, tunnel-like flow of automobiles passes from one screen to the other, approaching in white and receding in red. These opposing, kaleidoscopic images create a suspended state for the viewer, neither coming nor going, in the space in between. The installation allows visitor to experience the tranquility that could occur with an automated driving experience. For more information on this and other works by Pascual Sisto, visit

Relax Mobile Anxiety, 2015,
Video projections
48 x 60 in

To find out more about the exhibits, galleries and artists, contact the LA Art Show at

All Photography by Grace Lennon; taken with permission of LA Art Show