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2015 Holiday Color+Design Trends

Design Trends

Now that Thanksgiving has passed, it’s time to look forward to even more holiday merriment and all the décor possibilities. Whether you dream of an indoor winter wonderland, a nostalgic holiday, a casual atmosphere or a formal affair, this year’s trends are sure to light up your yule log. Happy holidays!

Swedish Jul

In Sweden, December 24 is the highlight of Christmas. School children and most parents are on holiday and — after enjoying the abundant Christmas smorgasbord — all are awaiting that special knock on the door that brings loads of presents from Santa Claus. Ingmar Bergman’s Oscar-winning film “Fanny and Alexander,” although set in the late 1800s, still reflects Swedish Christmas celebrations today — a bright and lively occasion, full of excess, good food and happiness but, also, a time during which family secrets tend to surface.


These Nordic traditions, along with others, continue to inspire holiday trends. Decorate the home with geometric prints, felt ornaments and birch branch trees. Swedish modern homes show not as much decoration during the holidays as in America but the use of candles, lighting and key colors create a special holiday atmosphere. A trip to IKEA will have you set with Swedish décor and food delights in no time.


Pink is the new Red

Pink, trending forward the last couple of years, has infiltrated the holiday trend sector now. Red stands as a side color, while pink is the shining star, especially pastel pinks. Brighter pinks provide highlights. Pink color pairings provide endless inspiration — pink and white are classic, in sparkle or matte finishes; pairing pink with pistachio green, moss and hunter green add new life to the classic red and green color combinations; and metal or metallic accents, such as gold or rose gold, add life.


Decorate the surroundings with flowers and snowflakes as highlights. Add in songbirds, stars, damasks and scrolling vines. Clear and pastel-tinted glass — in crackle and cut finishes — provide elegance and fragility to the scene. Final details include sequins, gemstones, pearls, glitter, embroidery, lacquered wood and faux fur.


Vintage Treasures

Nostalgia for comfort and simplicity trends forward with color and shapes from long ago, creating this setting. Bring out the sepia-toned pictures and cameos from the attic, along with grandma’s antique textiles and prints. Shapes are soft and rounded orbs, onions and hearts, with scenes of ice skating and skiing and other old-fashioned images. Add blossoms, leaves, songbirds, butterflies and dragonflies in soft colors, as well as faded
textures. Crackle patterns, sugar-bead coatings, quilting, lace and ribbon add the important texture elements. Gemstones are key, with a liberal use of glitter used, while metallics coat an abundance of décor.



Cabin Hideway

Hiding away in a remote, rustic cabin is the ideal for many, and this location highlights this key trend. With no TV or radio, silence is the signature element to the cabin hideaway. The sounds of woodland creatures crunching through the snow and the whistle of the wind provide the company of sound. Birch-tree stands with owls and songbirds perched on branches set the scene. Snowshoes, skis, pinecones, snowflakes and lanterns all speak to the trend, while plaids, checks and fur create base layers. Edible plant arrangements filled with rosemary, dill, basil, kale and artichokes are hand-tied in bouquets.


While sitting by the fire, curl up in handmade quilts made of cotton and wool. Worn leathers, fur and hair-on-hide, and felt are seen throughout the cabin. Simple details such as jute, yarn, wood chips and twigs,
along with galvanized metal, display the final details.


Youthful Brights

Pop art proliferates the holiday scene, inspired by the youthful glow of the ’60s, ’70s and ’80s colorful brights. Simple color gradients, iconic symbols and musical instruments decorate the tree layered with colored lights. Cheerful motifs such as paisleys, stars, VW beetles and butterflies add to the trend, while pom-poms, embroidery and braid add a Bohemian vibe. Add even more glitz with feathers, sparkly glitter, mirror,
gesso, sequins and gems.



Seaside Retreat

Sun, surf and sand inspire this trend with blue-green waters and beige-colored beaches setting the mood. Walks along the shore, watching dolphins and whales in the distance, begin the holiday season. At home, décor is highlighted by tiny shells embedded into candles and houswares. Starfish replace snowflakes, while coral, lobster, crab, jellyfish, sea turtles and sand dollars add detail to the tree and home surroundings.


Add glass with micro-bubbles, along with sea glass for a dash of sparkle. Create additional texture with sand, stone and seed beads on fabrics. Embellishments beyond shells include pearls, capis, jute, natural
grasses, fur and mosaic tiles. Driftwood and painted or weathered textures add the perfect final touch.


Frosted Landscapes

Deep in the heart of winter, the coldest time of the year produces a special type of picturesque landscape unique to the season. Snow falls and drifts, while lakes freeze over. A veil of frost and vapor blankets
the earth, adding a softness and paleness to the winter coloring.


Décor is covered in layers of frost or crystals, including the few animals out this time of year — squirrels and songbirds included. Reflected qualities are infused into the decoration with gem crystals, ice fairies and ice figures. Other motifs include stars, feathers, blossoms, leaves, bells and crowns. Textile layers add warmth and reflection — silk, satin, tulle, crushed velvet, pearl-finished and embossed leather. A final layer of embellishment features pearls, sequins, glitter, lace, ribbons, mercury glass and frosted metals.


Sweet Treats

Some of the best memories of the holidays are the sweets and treats that show up as part of the annual tradition. Popcorn is at the forefront of this trend for 2015, with retro movie-popcorn machines and colored
popcorn balls leading the way. Hard candy surges in popularity as well as LifeSavers®, candy canes, and suckers. Ornaments represent these candies and popcorn, along with stripe and pinwheel designs, ice cream scoops and gingerbread boys and girls.


Additional motifs create great pattern and detail inspirations — macarons, whoopie pies, doughnuts and cupcakes. Textiles are simple, while the top layer of detail adds the final touches, including sugar beads, glitter,ribbon, piping and glazed ceramics.


Euro Chalet

The ski chalet, a symbol of winter mountain settings, creates the perfect setting for this winter trend. As a reminder that skiing is an integral part of the winter season, downhill skis, cross-country skis and snowshoes are key to setting the alpine scene.


Inside the lodge, it’s cozy and warm with rustic décor, including a stone fireplace, knitted throws and comfy cushions. Textiles are warm and include fair isle snowflake patterns, fleece, faux fur and felt. Adornments
include simple embroidery, buttons, jute, applique, simple wooden accessories and iron metals. Rustic appearance is key.


A Black-Tie Affair

The holidays turn into a formal affair, with chic dress to match the scenery. Guests wear tuxedos or cocktail dresses and are greeted with glasses of champagne. The formal table is set in glittery gold with high-gloss
black infusions and cream accents, all with a touch of old-world, Baroque elegance.


Sophistication is key and, to achieve this effect, add lustre to everything. Textiles are formal, including damask, velvet, silk and cashmere. Leather is highlighted in python, pearl or metallic finishes. Details
add flair, including pearls, teardrop gems, sugar beads, sequins, metallic and gilded gold. For a final touch of adornment, add mother-of-pearl, pen shell, walnut and black glass.


Festive Foliage

Are you in an eco-friendly mood this season? Take in all the lush flowers and foliage in bloom this season. Poinsettias, holly leaves, mistletoe sprigs and amaryllis take center stage. Accent with leaves, pine cones, evergreen boughs, butterflies, dragonflies and apples. Highlight the typography trend by displaying the formal Latin names next to each plant.


Décor is imbued with black-and-white botanical illustrations and other pen-and-ink drawings, which may have colored accents or include forest creatures such as birds, deer and squirrels. Matte porcelain with embossed
blossoms or greenery create realistic settings. Layer on icicles, snowflakes, unstained wood and paper weights with nature-based motifs. Metal creates a lustrous finishing sparkle with gold, light-copper and silver all in combination.


Happy holidays from all of us at Dunn-Edwards!