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Marni Mervis

Then, Now and Forever® Collection Highlight: Meek Mansion

05/17/22 Marni Mervis

The Meek Mansion is listed in both the California Register and the National Register of Historic Places. When conservators at ARG evaluated the Meek Mansion, they found an interior color palette comprised mainly of pale blues and yellows, misty greens, and taupe-grays.

Popular Color Palettes Through The Decades: 1970s—2010s

05/11/22 Marni Mervis

Have you ever wondered exactly what color palettes defined each decade? We love looking back at the history of design and exploring exactly what cultural trends and phenomena led to the dominance of certain colors.

Regencycore: The Latest Design Trend Explained

05/03/22 Marni Mervis

Regencycore, is the latest design trend taking over social media and shelter publications, alike. Emerging first in 2021 after the premier of Netflix’s wildly popular series Bridgerton, set around 1813, the show’s recent return for a second season has helped catapult the aesthetic further into the mainstream.

May Color of the Month: Lush Lilac (DE5970)

05/03/22 Marni Mervis

Our newest Color of the Month for May is Lush Lilac (DE5970), a mid-tone purple with slight red undertones.

Then, Now and Forever® Collection Highlight: Locke Boarding House

04/20/22 Marni Mervis

To help curate our Victorian-era colors, one of the architectural resources of the American West we looked to was California’s Locke Boarding House.

This San Diego Artist Gave Her Living Room ‘70s Style Pool Party Makeover

04/15/22 Marni Mervis

San Diego-based artist Sarah Stieber is known for her modern, figurative paintings. Bold colors, a frequent presence of water, and strong female subjects, her work carries a signature style to be sure.

Dunn-Edwards Portraits: Paris, a Pandemic and the Process of Design

04/12/22 Marni Mervis

Edwards aims to cultivate a design practice both in Los Angeles and Paris as she looks to the future. Noting an important takeaway from her family’s legacy is that it’s possible to create something that you’re passionate about at a large scale that still makes its employees feel like members of a family.

April Color Of The Month: Mountain Bluebird (DET573)

04/07/22 Marni Mervis

Our latest Color of the Month for April, Mountain Bluebird (DET573), is a brilliant blue to help signal the vibrancy of the spring season.

Then, Now and Forever® Collection Highlight: Fallon House

03/31/22 Marni Mervis

When conservators evaluated the home, they found a color palette of oranges and blues reminiscent of California’s native landscape, from orange groves, to oceans and adobe abodes. In total, 9 colors were discovered in the Fallon House.

4 Fun Spring Color Palettes to Inspire Your Design

03/24/22 Marni Mervis

Spring has officially sprung! And we’re sharing 4 Fun Spring Color Palettes to Inspire Your Design. Lucky for us color-obsessed folks here at Dunn-Edwards, spring is chalk full of vivid colors—from fuchsias to greens, and more.