A living room




A dining room table in front of a window

They say all good things take time, but we’re out to prove them wrong. This beautifully subtle palette lets you skip the mix and give any space a signature look in an instant.

COLORS 6 colors


Swiss Coffee / DEW341
LRV 83
This warm and creamy white evokes a quiet, effortless beauty and forms the perfect backdrop for casual details that never feel out of place.

Whisper / DEW340
LRV 87
With just a light blush of color, this delicate hue softens the feeling of white to bring romance and poetry to any space.

Classic White / DEHW08
LRV 84
Crisp, clean, and fresh with cool undertones, Classic White works as a primary or trim color to add a sense of confidence and optimism.

Stucco Tan / DE6205
LRV 68
Relax with this comfortable warm neutral. Amazingly versatile, Stucco Tan pairs well with everything from Boho to Contemporary design.

Crisp Muslin / DE6212
LRV 71
Honest and welcoming, this soft greige pairs well with plants, wood accents, and natural light to bring the beauty of the outdoors … inside.

Whisper Gray / DEC785
LRV 73
Modern elegance speaks volumes without saying a word. This white-washed gray gives any room an airy, museum-like crispness.