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Spice of Life (DET439) - Bedroom


Dunn-Edwards 2019 Color of the Year, Spice of Life (DET439), is inspired by a celebration of what makes life interesting and exciting. It’s warm, inviting, adventurous and life-affirming. This strong, enticing, spice-market blend adds a complex, flavorful seasoning to design palettes. The elements of orange in the hue give a grounded, substantial feeling to design.

In 2019, as the information age reaches its peak, our lives are inundated with technology, constant communication and more self-inflicted stress. In these always-connected times, we start to crave real, genuine connections with the Earth and with each other. These feelings are reflected in the movement away from cooler hues toward more earth-inspired color, reminiscent of naturalist motifs; bohemian moods; the great American West; and an anticipation of exploring the red planet, Mars.

DunnEdwards diningroom

DunnEdwards diningroom

We are encouraged by the richness and diversity of Mediterranean culture and authenticity. We want to surround ourselves with a mixture of craft, design, heritage ornamentation and modernity. We long for the simplicity of basics with an extra dose of soul. We love folklore stories, journeys back in time and exotic influences.

About Spice of Life

The term “Spice of Life” comes from William Cowper's poem, “The Task” (1785): “Variety is the very spice of life, that gives it all its flavour.” Spice of Life is an outgoing, confident hue that adds drama and stimulates the senses. It makes a bold statement and reflects exotic tastes in design and life with a melding of diverse and global cultural influences. See more inspiration behind Spice of Life here and download a FREE color sample coupon to redeem in-store.

DunnEdwards 09252018 1849

Spice of Life, a global, rich spicy hue that is represented in our “Sojourn” 2019 color trends story, highlights a palette that celebrates layers of cultures and eras that blend harmoniously, combining the modest and the grandiose.

This strong, full-bodied and intense hue, full of passion and life, can look organic and natural or appear moody and sophisticated. In its organic and natural world, Spice of Life represents a colorful expression inspired by global crafts. When playing subtle and stylish, this lush, refined hue is eternal — historic, yet youthful.

DunnEdwards Samantha

DunnEdwards samantha

Spice of Life urges us to explore, to reflect, to live!