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Vista Mirage HOA

Scheme 1 - Vista Mirage HOA:
Paint Schemes

Primary Stucco: DEC738 Travertine RL#688
Secondary Stucco: DEC711 Cliff Brown RL#652
Fascia/Trim/Garage Doors: DEW309 Ajo Lily RL#046
Shutters/Front Door: DET696 Stanford Stone RL#993

Notes: Primary Stucco: Northern Plains 8242W. Secondary Stucco: Cinnamon Spice 8254M. Fascia/Trim/Garage Door: Windrift 8240W. Shutters/Front Doors: Driftwood 8245A.

Scheme 2 - Vista Mirage HOA:
Paint Schemes

Primary Stucco: DEC747 Sahara RL#634
Secondary Stucco: DE6067 Crushed Stone RL#549
Fascia/Trim/Garage Doors: DEW325 Vanilla Shake RL#027
Shutters/Front Door: DET685 Mission Gold RL#982

Notes: Primary Stucco: Desert Tumbleweed 8723M. Secondary Stucco: Lava Rock 8764M. Fascia/Trim/Garage Door: Floral White CW033W. Shutters/Front Doors: Rusteco 8764M

Scheme 3 - Vista Mirage HOA:
Paint Schemes

Primary Stucco: DE6114 Dry Dune RL#500
Secondary Stucco: DEC719 Coral Clay RL#692
Fascia/Trim/Garage Doors: DEW344 Frosting Cream RL#023
Shutters/Front Door: DET621 Palomino Pony RL#918

Notes: Primary Stucco: Clay Beige 8753M. Secondary Stucco: Polished Oak 8743M. Fascia/Trim/Garage Doors: Natural Echo CW054W.

Scheme 4 - Vista Mirage HOA:
Paint Schemes

Primary Stucco: DEC719 Coral Clay RL#692
Secondary Stucco: DE6060 Twilight Taupe RL#548
Fascia/Trim/Garage Doors: DEC747 Sahara RL#634
Shutters/Front Door: DET647 Trade Winds RL#944

Notes: Primary Stucco: Cornico Beige 8753M. Secondary Stucco: Stone Freize 8824M. Fascia/Trim/Garage Doors: Desert Tumbleweed 8723M. Shutters/Front Door: Barnwood 8721W.

Scheme 5 - Vista Mirage HOA:
Paint Schemes

Primary Stucco: DEC746 Apache Tan RL#629
Secondary Stucco: DE6125 Carved Wood RL#557
Fascia/Trim/Garage Doors: DEC753 Almond RL#664
Shutters/Front Door: DEC757 Rincon Cove RL#684

Notes: Primary Stucco: Crisp Khaki 8233M. Secondary Stucco: Coach House 8725A. Fascia/Trim/Garage Doors: Sawyer's Fence 8231W. Shutters/Front Doors: Rincon 8244M.

If you are not clear on use of the colors in your scheme, contact our Customer Service department (888) DE PAINT® (337-2468).