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Tucson Montecito

Approved Color Palette - Tucson Montecito:
Tucson Montecito

(Replacing 6DC1 Stone Beige): DE6066 Desert Rock RL#493
(Replacing 11DC25 Scroll): DE6108 English Scone RL#499
(Replacing 4DC7 Bit-O-Peach): DEW308 Poppy Crepe RL#041
(Replacing 11DC27 Russet Beige): DE6109 Kraft Paper RL#555
(Replacing 11DC28 Cinnamon Beige): DEC708 Sunset Cove RL#637
(Replacing 23DC17 Anchor Gray): DET597 Shadow Effect RL#894
(Replacing 12DC9 Pebble Tone): DE6142 Floating Feather RL#504
(Replacing 24DC4 Roan Red): DE6028 Dark Ruby RL#543
(Replacing 11DC30 Burnt Toast): DE5264 Saddle Brown RL#391
(Replacing 6DC4 Burma Gray): DE6053 Plush Suede RL#547
(Replacing 6DC5 Bok Hara): DE6075 Wood Lake RL#550
(Replacing 24DC4 Formal Gray): DE6284 Graceful Green RL#580

If you are not clear on use of the colors in your scheme, contact our Customer Service department (888) DE PAINT® (337-2468).