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Solera Oak Valley Greens Association

Welcome to your property management HOA paint color library. Browse the following approved paint colors to maintain the aesthetic appeal of your community and ensure that all homes are in compliance with the established guidelines.

- Solera Oak Valley Greens Association:
Color Schemes

Interior Clubhouse Walls: DE6232 Abstract White RL#517
Window Mullions: DE5748 Loch Ness RL#420
Clubhouse Trim/Baseboards/Doors: DE6229 Calico Rock RL#572
Clubhouse Accent: DE6221 Flintstone RL#571
Gym Accent: DE6229 Calico Rock RL#572
Graham Cracker: DE6144 Graham Cracker RL#560
Electrical Room Interior Doors/Frames: DET489 Prairie Land RL#786
Gym Metlal Beams: DE5802 China Clay RL#423
Gym Accent/Ledge: DEA164 Autumn Bark RL#453
Gym Ceiling Accent: DET650 Celestial Moon RL#947
Gym Metal Safety Bars: DE6273 Green Gate RL#578
Kitchen: DE6380 Clouded Vision RL#538
Kitchen Accent: DE6361 Baby Seal RL#591

If you are not clear on the use of the colors in your scheme, please contact your Board of Directors or Management Company.