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Northlake HOA

Welcome to your property management HOA paint color library. Browse the following approved paint colors to maintain the aesthetic appeal of your community and ensure that all homes are in compliance with the established guidelines.

Architectural Rules and Guidelines

Notes: This is the approved Northlake Color Palette, from which homeowners may pick an appropriate paint scheme for their homes. The Digital Color book is an approximation of the colors. Contact the Property Manager, Lori Tamboline, with Ross Morgan at or (661) 263-1754 to check out a physical color book. Any painting of the exterior of the home must go through the architectural approval process by submitting an architectural application naming the areas of the home to be painted and with which color. The following guidelines will aid you in the process of color selection and architectural application. • Color schemes are final as is. Colors from one scheme are not interchangeable with colors from other schemes. • Main Body and Trim colors are both required and are not interchangeable. Accent #1 and/or Accent #2 are optional. • Homeowners may not pick a color that is the same as or very similar to their immediate neighbors, which include those to either side, across the street, or diagonally across from them. • Color schemes are divided into two categories: those appropriate for Cool Rooves and Warm Rooves. If needed, color consultants at Dunn Edwards can help you determine if you have a cool or warm roof. • For the submittal process, a Home Improvement form must be submitted, along with neighbor statements, and a complimentary photo rendering provided by Dunn-Edwards. To obtain a photo rendering, please contact Vanessa at our local Valencia Dunn-Edwards’ store at 661-255-5301. A digital rendering of proposed colors is required. • Color chips are the most accurate representation of paint colors (as opposed to digital or printed depictions). To order your own color chips and to download a pdf of your desired scheme, use COLOR ARK PRO: visit - At the top of the screen, select COLOR & INSPIRATION. - On the left side of the screen, under Color Archives, select COLOR ARK PRO. - You will have the option of searching for an HOA by Zip Code, City/State, or Northlake HOA - Once you have located Northlake HOA, select VIEW DETAILS. - A separate page will appear with the approved colors. - Under the schemes, homeowners can select DOWNLOAD PDF. A pdf will display the selected color scheme, the 3 nearest Dunn-Edwards stores, and an account number for discounts on Dunn-Edwards paint products. - Homeowners can select ORDER COLOR CHIPS. The color chips for the selected scheme will automatically populate. Enter the address where you would like the color chips shipped.

Architectural Rules and Guidelines

Notes: For reference, here are some explanations and further details about the paint options. • While you have to use these paint colors, you do not have to use Dunn-Edwards paint (you would have to color match it for any other paint manufacturer). However, all Northlake homeowners will receive 37% off the list price for Dunn-Edwards’ manufactured products using discount number is 188517-000. • Paint finishes - The stucco body of the home are to be painted in a flat finished paint. The body includes the front, back, and sides of the home, whether street facing or not. - Any wood siding (front, street, back, or side facing) is to be painted in an eggshell finish. - Doors and jambs, garage doors and trim, window trim and ledges, fascia, eaves, belly band, wood accents, shutters, fences, and gates are to be painted in a semi-gloss finish. No high gloss finishes are allowed. • Homes shall be limited to a total of four different colors overall (Main, Trim, Accent #1, and Accent #2). A minimum of two colors are required (Main and Trim). Most homes use three colors. • Exterior side, front, and rear doors may be painted in either the trim or accent colors. The main large garage doors (one or two car size) may only be painted in the trim color. • All rear fences must be painted in Rust-oleum High Performance Enamel in Hunter Green in a semi-gloss finish. Side and front fences and gates may be painted in either the trim or accent color. • Summary of Paint Color Locations: - Main body: main body stucco, wood siding/shingles - Trim: Fascia, trim, eaves, window frame and ledges, potshelf, belly band, corbels, gutters, downspouts, doors, garage doors, front/side gates and fences - Accents: entry doors, shutters, front/side gates and fences

If you are not clear on the use of the colors in your scheme, please contact your Board of Directors or Management Company.