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Forster Highlands

Welcome to your property management HOA paint color library. Browse the following approved paint colors to maintain the aesthetic appeal of your community and ensure that all homes are in compliance with the established guidelines.

A) Stucco Color Options - Forster Highlands:

Stucco Option 1: DE6206 Desert Suede RL#513
Stucco Option 2: DEC741 Bone White RL#604
Stucco Option 3: DEC737 Jakarta RL#683
Stucco Option 4: DEW319 Damask RL#096
Stucco Option 5: DE6215 Wooden Peg RL#570
Stucco Option 6: DE6221 Flintstone RL#571
Stucco Option 7: DE6130 Wooded Acre RL#558
Stucco Option 8: DE6373 Porpoise RL#537
Stucco Option 9: DE6137 Tan Plan RL#559
Stucco Option 10: DE6213 Fine Grain RL#514
Stucco Option 11: DE6207 Egyptian Sand RL#569

B) Siding/Shingles Color Options - Forster Highlands:

Siding/ Shingles Option 1: DE6342 Blue Steel RL#588
Siding/ Shingles Option 2: DEC745 Chaparral RL#624
Siding/ Shingles Option 3: DE6215 Wooden Peg RL#570
Siding/ Shingles Option 4: DEW318 Cottage White RL#091

C) Fascia/Wood Trim Color Options - Forster Highlands:

Fascia/ Wood Trim Option 1: DEC750 Bison Beige RL#649
Fascia/ Wood Trim Option 2: DE6049 Chaps RL#546
Fascia/ Wood Trim Option 3: DE6056 Buffalo Herd RL#547
Fascia/ Wood Trim Option 4: DEW340 Whisper RL#003
Fascia/ Wood Trim Option 5: DE6230 Center Ridge RL#572
Fascia/ Wood Trim Option 6: DEC751 Ash Gray RL#654
Fascia/ Wood Trim Option 7: DEW380 Warm White RL#005
Fascia/ Wood Trim Option 8: DE6068 Cobblestone Path RL#549

D) Stucco Trim Color Options - Forster Highlands:

Stucco Trim Option 1: DE6206 Desert Suede RL#513
Stucco Trim Option 2: DEC766 Steveareno Beige RL#630
Stucco Trim Option 3: DE6214 Pigeon Gray RL#570
Stucco Trim Option 4: DEC721 Slopes RL#603
Stucco Trim Option 5: DEC771 Shaggy Barked RL#655
Stucco Trim Option 6: DEC752 Birchwood RL#659
Stucco Trim Option 7: DE6213 Fine Grain RL#514
Stucco Trim Option 8: DEC751 Ash Gray RL#654

E) Garage Door Color Options - Forster Highlands:

Garage Door Option 1: DEW340 Whisper RL#003
Garage Door Option 2: DEW380 Warm White RL#005
Garage Door Option 3: DEW318 Cottage White RL#091
Garage Door Option 4: DE6215 Wooden Peg RL#570

F) Front Door/Shutters Color Options - Forster Highlands:

Front Door/ Shutters Option 1: DE6056 Buffalo Herd RL#547
Front Door/ Shutters Option 2: DEC750 Bison Beige RL#649
Front Door/ Shutters Option 3: DE6363 Pointed Rock RL#591
Front Door/ Shutters Option 4: DE6399 Molasses RL#596
Front Door/ Shutters Option 5: DEA176 Iron River RL#465
Front Door/ Shutters Option 6: DE6371 BlackJack RL#592
Front Door/ Shutters Option 7: DEW340 Whisper RL#003
Front Door/ Shutters Option 8: DE6063 Black Walnut RL#548
Front Door/ Shutters Option 9: DEA188 Black Bay RL#477
Front Door/ Shutters Option 10: DEA181 Refined Green RL#470
Front Door/ Shutters Option 11: DE5748 Loch Ness RL#420

If you are not clear on the use of the colors in your scheme, please contact your Board of Directors or Management Company.