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Canada Hills Village 15

Welcome to your property management HOA paint color library. Browse the following approved paint colors to maintain the aesthetic appeal of your community and ensure that all homes are in compliance with the established guidelines.

Updated Original Construction Colors - Canada Hills Village 15:
Approved Colors

Please note: DEC748 Oyster is replacing DE511 Oyster: DEC748 Oyster RL#639
Please note: DE6094 Canyon Dusk is replacing DE168 Beige Pebble : DE6094 Canyon Dusk RL#497
Please note: DE6108 English Scone is replacing Q3-57 Ivanhoe : DE6108 English Scone RL#499
Please note: DE6109 Kraft Paper is replacing Q3-58 Lamarie Tan : DE6109 Kraft Paper RL#555
Please note: DEC716 Stonish Beige is replacing SP68 Stonish Beige : DEC716 Stonish Beige RL#677

Additional Approved Body Colors - Canada Hills Village 15:
Approved Colors

Main Body Color Options: DE5149 Rustique RL#334
Main Body Color Options: DE5177 Coral Bisque RL#336
Main Body Color Options: DE5184 Brilliant Beige RL#335
Main Body Color Options: DE5213 Seasonal Beige RL#389
Main Body Color Options: DE5240 Tahitian Tan RL#245
Main Body Color Options: DE5268 Sundown RL#342
Main Body Color Options: DE5295 Sandstorm RL#343
Main Body Color Options: DE5323 Quiet Splendor RL#344
Main Body Color Options: DE5358 Ivory Oats RL#347
Main Body Color Options: DE6109 Kraft Paper RL#555
Main Body Color Options: DE6114 Dry Dune RL#500
Main Body Color Options: DE6115 Practical Tan RL#500
Main Body Color Options: DE6122 Dry Creek RL#501
Main Body Color Options: DE6123 Trail Dust RL#557
Main Body Color Options: DE6163 Melted Wax RL#507
Main Body Color Options: DE6136 Terracotta Sand RL#503
Main Body Color Options: DEC738 Travertine RL#688
Main Body Color Options: DEC759 Hickory RL#694
Sample Not Available
Main Body Color Options - Formula- Cobble Brown: Please note: There is no color sample to view for Cobble Brown. Use this formula when ordering your paint. Formula: 04:3Y+10.000, 08:1Y+9.000, 13:1Y+8.000, 14:3Y+35.000. U Y. This is for one gallon of paint.
Main Body Color Options : DEC719 Coral Clay RL#692
Main Body Color Options : DE6162 Antique Lace RL#507
Main Body Color Options : DE6124 Whole Wheat RL#557
Main Body Color Options : DEC747 Sahara RL#634
Main Body Color Options : DEC717 Baked Potato RL#682
Main Body Color Options : DEC718 Mesa Tan RL#687
Main Body Color Options : DE6192 Nomadic Taupe RL#511

Additional Approved Trim Colors - Canada Hills Village 15:
Approved Colors

Trim Color Options: DE5150 Rose Dusk RL#386
Trim Color Options: DE5178 Aloha Sunset RL#388
Trim Color Options: DE5185 Cedarville RL#387
Trim Color Options: DE5214 Tawny Amber RL#389
Trim Color Options: DE5269 Yucatan RL#394
Trim Color Options: DE5296 Granola RL#343
Trim Color Options: DE5324 Fine Sand RL#344
Trim Color Options: DE5359 Crossroads RL#347
Trim Color Options: DE6115 Practical Tan RL#500
Trim Color Options: DE6116 Dover Plains RL#556
Trim Color Options: DE6123 Trail Dust RL#557
Trim Color Options: DE6125 Carved Wood RL#557
Trim Color Options: DE6126 Stockhorse RL#557
Trim Color Options: DEC702 Antique Rose RL#607
Trim Color Options : DE6063 Black Walnut RL#548
Trim Color Options : DEC718 Mesa Tan RL#687

Outside walls - Canada Hills Village 15:
Approved Colors

Outside walls: DEC738 Travertine RL#688

If you are not clear on the use of the colors in your scheme, please contact your Board of Directors or Management Company.