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Forster Highlands

A) Stucco Color Options - Forster Highlands:

Stucco Option 1: DE6206 Desert Suede
Stucco Option 2: DEC741 Bone White
Stucco Option 3: DEC737 Jakarta
Stucco Option 4: DEW319 Damask
Stucco Option 5: DE6215 Wooden Peg
Stucco Option 6: DE6221 Flintstone
Stucco Option 7: DE6130 Wooded Acre
Stucco Option 8: DE6373 Porpoise
Stucco Option 9: DE6137 Tan Plan
Stucco Option 10: DE6213 Fine Grain
Stucco Option 11: DE6207 Egyptian Sand

B) Siding/Shingles Color Options - Forster Highlands:

Siding/ Shingles Option 1: DE6342 Blue Steel
Siding/ Shingles Option 2: DEC745 Chaparral
Siding/ Shingles Option 3: DE6215 Wooden Peg
Siding/ Shingles Option 4: DEW318 Cottage White

C) Fascia/Wood Trim Color Options - Forster Highlands:

Fascia/ Wood Trim Option 1: DEC750 Bison Beige
Fascia/ Wood Trim Option 2: DE6049 Chaps
Fascia/ Wood Trim Option 3: DE6056 Buffalo Herd
Fascia/ Wood Trim Option 4: DEW340 Whisper
Fascia/ Wood Trim Option 5: DE6230 Center Ridge
Fascia/ Wood Trim Option 6: DEC751 Ash Gray
Fascia/ Wood Trim Option 7: DEW380 White
Fascia/ Wood Trim Option 8: DE6068 Cobblestone Path

D) Stucco Trim Color Options - Forster Highlands:

Stucco Trim Option 1: DE6206 Desert Suede
Stucco Trim Option 2: DEC766 Steveareno Beige
Stucco Trim Option 3: DE6214 Pigeon Gray
Stucco Trim Option 4: DEC721 Slopes
Stucco Trim Option 5: DEC771 Shaggy Barked
Stucco Trim Option 6: DEC752 Birchwood
Stucco Trim Option 7: DE6213 Fine Grain
Stucco Trim Option 8: DEC751 Ash Gray

E) Garage Door Color Options - Forster Highlands:

Garage Door Option 1: DEW340 Whisper
Garage Door Option 2: DEW380 White
Garage Door Option 3: DEW318 Cottage White
Garage Door Option 4: DE6215 Wooden Peg

F) Front Door/Shutters Color Options - Forster Highlands:

Front Door/ Shutters Option 1: DE6056 Buffalo Herd
Front Door/ Shutters Option 2: DEC750 Bison Beige
Front Door/ Shutters Option 3: DE6363 Pointed Rock
Front Door/ Shutters Option 4: DE6399 Molasses
Front Door/ Shutters Option 5: DEA176 Iron River
Front Door/ Shutters Option 6: DE6371 Black Jack
Front Door/ Shutters Option 7: DEW340 Whisper
Front Door/ Shutters Option 8: DE6063 Black Walnut
Front Door/ Shutters Option 9: DEA188 Black Bay
Front Door/ Shutters Option 10: DEA181 Refined Green
Front Door/ Shutters Option 11: DE5748 Loch Ness

Please verify your final color choices with your community's governing body before undertaking any exterior painting project.

Code Information
  • Alkali-Sensitive: Colors that are more likely to fade early when used on highly alkaline surfaces, such as new masonry.
  • Interior Use Only: Colors with a low resistance to the sun’s ultraviolet (UV) rays, causing them to fade.
  • Low Hide: Colors that are more transparent and may require multiple coats.
  • Historic: Colors that are historically accurate.

If you are not clear on use of the colors in your scheme, contact our Customer Service department (888) DE PAINT® (337-2468).