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Scheme 1 - Belaire HOA:
Belaire HOA

Stucco: DEC737 Jakarta RL#683
Stucco Pop-out: DEC739 Golden Gate RL#693
Fascia: DE6217 Ancient Earth RL#570
Garage Door: DEC737 Jakarta RL#683
Sample Not Available
(Expo 2337):

Notes: (Expo 2337)

Scheme 2 - Belaire HOA:
Belaire HOA

Stucco: DEC724 Spanish White RL#618
Stucco Pop-out: DE6144 Graham Cracker RL#560
Fascia: DE6147 Chester Brown RL#560
Garage Door: DEC724 Spanish White RL#618
Sample Not Available
(Expo 51 Panama Ivory):

Notes: (Expo 51 Panama Ivory)

Scheme 3 - Belaire HOA:
Belaire HOA

Stucco: DE6225 Fossil RL#516
Stucco Pop-out: DE6228 Play on Gray RL#572
Fascia: DE6229 Calico Rock RL#572
Garage Door: DE6225 Fossil RL#516
Sample Not Available
(Expo 258 Colonade):

Notes: (Expo 258 Colonade)

Scheme 4 - Belaire HOA:
Belaire HOA

Stucco: DEW322 Magnolia RL#012
Stucco Pop-out: DE6130 Wooded Acre RL#558
Fascia: DEA161 Wild Mustang RL#450
Garage Door: DE6130 Wooded Acre RL#558

Scheme 5 - Belaire HOA:
Belaire HOA

Stucco: DEC771 Shaggy Barked RL#655
Stucco Pop-out: DEC772 Navajo White RL#660
Fascia: DE6231 Shaker Gray RL#572
Garage Door: DEC771 Shaggy Barked RL#655

Scheme 6 - Belaire HOA:
Belaire HOA

Stucco: DE6130 Wooded Acre RL#558
Stucco Pop-out: DE6128 Sand Dune RL#502
Fascia: DE6132 Big Stone Beach RL#558
Garage Door: DE6130 Wooded Acre RL#558

Front Door Options - Belaire HOA:
Belaire HOA

option 1: DEA161 Wild Mustang RL#450
option 2: DEA156 Cherry Cola RL#445
option 3: DEA176 Iron River RL#465
option 4: DEA147 Garnet Evening RL#436
option 5: DEA184 Parisian Night RL#473
option 6: DE6098 Burns Cave RL#553

Please verify your final color choices with your community's governing body before undertaking any exterior painting project.

Code Information
  • Alkali-Sensitive: Colors that are more likely to fade early when used on highly alkaline surfaces, such as new masonry.
  • Interior Use Only: Colors with a low resistance to the sun’s ultraviolet (UV) rays, causing them to fade.
  • Low Hide: Colors that are more transparent and may require multiple coats.
  • Historic: Colors that are historically accurate.

If you are not clear on use of the colors in your scheme, contact our Customer Service department (888) DE PAINT® (337-2468).