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Color is Serious Business

Here’s everything you need to know about hiring and working with painting contractors. Learn More

Build your team.
When it comes to hiring paint professionals, we’ve got old-school advice: don’t Google it. Word-of-mouth referrals are the most reliable way to find a great contractor. Talk to employees at your local Dunn-Edwards Paints store or get references from other designers and realtors. As you go, keep a list of your favorites for future jobs.
You’re the boss.
Nobody likes a micro-manager. But certain elements of every job demand oversight. Be sure to get color approval from your client and contractor in writing before the job begins and check to make sure the right colors are being applied. In general, be clear but friendly and unobtrusive.
Don’t guesstimate.
Most surfaces require one coat of quality primer, followed by two coats of top-quality paint. But when repainting, depending on the condition and color of the original surface, a single coat or more than two coats may be necessary. Avoid doing questionable math. Ask your painting contractor to estimate it for you.
Say goodbye and say hello.
Don’t design and dash. Once you’ve completed a job, provide your client with a “thank you” packet that includes your business card and information on how to care for newly painted walls, along with proper storage and disposal of paint. It will leave a great impression, and just might help to secure your next job.