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The Williams Centre complex is one of the most well-known corporate areas in the Old Pueblo, located near popular local eateries, abundant corporate housing options and other amenities. One of its four-story buildings, along with a nearby two-story garage, was in need of some TLC. The office building’s second, third and fourth floors, whose substrates are a flat, no-texture stucco, were showing hairline cracks and old patch marks, harming the image of the upscale property.

Vay knew that just painting over the cracks with an inexpensive contractor-grade coating wouldn’t do. “On jobs like this, you really have to make sure you use the right product,” he said. “The contractor that painted it last did not do a good job patching cracks. We were going to need a full prime to help bridge those cracks before we could use Dunn-Edwards EVERSHIELD flat and back-roll the topcoat to even out those marks.”

Williams Center Dunn-Edwards

On jobs like this, you really have to make sure you use the right product

Finding the right primers was key as well. Vay’s Dunn-Edwards rep suggested their FLEX-PRIME Select as a protective sealer with great bonding properties for the upper floors. The first floor of the building was built with concrete block veneer, a different type of substrate than the other three floors. It would require its own bonding patch coating, the Dunn-Edwards-sourced RAINGUARD Blok-Lok, used in many anti-graffiti applications. In addition to EVERSHIELD on all of the building and garage surfaces, ARISTOSHIELD was used on all of the site’s metal parking structures.

His rep also helped the building owner choose fresh, new colors—Dunn-Edwards Ancient Earth on trim and metal parking structures, and Egyptian Sand was selected as the primary office building color. Williams Centre is just one of many examples in more than two decades of work where Vay has confidently approached a job with his rep ready and willing to help with input and expertise, if needed. “I always appreciate how my rep is there to support us on all our projects,” Vay added.

I always appreciate how my rep is there to support us on all our projects


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